Xmas in Salzburg

by - 4/27/2023

 Xmas in Europe is nothing less than a dream. After all this is the land of Christianity. I mean if you have travelled extensively in countries like Italy, France, Austria etc then you must have noticed that the density of the Cross with a candle lit in front is even more than the frequency of tiny ish temples in India. You can spot them in the unlikeliest of corners. Initially we were really fascinated when hopping in the Italian countryside. But gradually we started looking out for those corners. 

 Every nation has its own traditions and the Holiday season is special in every nook of Europe. Mind you, the days leading to Christmas are special; not the day itself unlike India. Because everything is shut as everyone is at home with their families. In fact in some places malls are closed on Sundays too. We learnt it the hard way in Athens, Greece . It was a Sunday and we went for shopping in the mall only to find out that every store except the food court was shut on Sundays. What a sheer waste of time and money.

 However Christmas in the Bavarian region is a huge affair. People start the preparation months in advance. And for that there is a bougie store for ornaments in Salzburg by the name: Christmas in Salzburg. Well this place is so widely known that I have heard that even Americans come down here to buy ornaments.

The ornaments are exorbitantly expensive with balls starting from 10 Euros. They all are hand painted, therefore it kind of justifies their pricing. We of course didn't have that amount of money to buy something so fragile. And that too whatever I liked was over 50 Euro. 

These kind of stores tend to scare my husband because he is always apprehensive of knocking something down with his backpack or camera.

So even if you are not looking for ornaments or not fascinated by this festival, you should definitely visit this store for its sheer brilliance.

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