Jewel in the crown of Europe: Prague

by - 4/11/2023

You must have gotten some idea about Praha or Prague (English) , the capital of Czech Republic from my first pedestrian's guide. It's a no brainer that the city is studded with jewels (aka Rocco architecture) everywhere and that's the very reason it's known as the jewel in the crown of Europe. That pedestrian's guide was our first day's sojourn where we had covered the Prague castle, Golden Lane and Charles Bridge at night; along with a quintessential Bohemian dinner.


The next morning we woke up early, took the metro and de boarded at the nearest stop to the beginning of the Legion Bridge. We went to the Dancing House, which was completed in 1996. It stands on a place where a Czechian house was bombarded by the Americans during World War II. The building itself is iconic, and the seventh floor has a restaurant.

Most Legii or Legion Bridge runs parallel to the Karluv Most or the Charles Bridge, the most famous in this historic city. However like every other structure, this bridge is magnificent too, and the best part is that it gives spectacular views of the city on both sides.

There are a number of bridges across the Vltava river, that run parallel to the iconic Charles Bridge. We went to the Synagogue in the Old Town.

Chechuv Most is the shortest bridge in Praha and connects the Old Town with the district of Holesovis. It is protected by the state as a cultural monument as the only Art Nouveau style bridge in Czech Republic. 

There are thousands of architectural pieces that made no sense to us; some of them provocative and some just bewildering.

It is advised to read Kafka before visiting Prague to get a better perspective of the city.

We had breakfast at a boat restaurant and it was an excellent indulgence.

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