Nazmein Intezaar ki by Smita Parikh

by - 12/16/2018

A Nazm is a term used to define all sorts of Urdu shayari which do not fall into any other category. However, if you talk about its literal meaning, a nazm is a well organised, logically evolving poem where each individual verse serves the need of the central concept or theme of the poem.
I love reading shayaris (I guess most of us do) so when I came across this book by Smita Parikh, I was intrigued. It's not very often that I pick up Hindi literature to read (not that I am proud of) This thin book promised me hours of delightful read and I am glad that I did.

About the author: Smita Parikh is a writer, actor and an RJ. In a world (read especially India) obsessed with English literature, her Hindi compositions are such a welcome change. She started writing at a very early age and even got awarded at the tender age of 15 years. She has won many awards thereafter and loves writing poetry. Her first book of poems was 'Main Panth Nihaarun'. She believes in expressing herself openly and that it how she penned down her emotions one after the another in Nazms, and compiled them into this wonderful book.
She is a self made woman, an entrepreneur and is the owner of E bizz Entertainment. She also handles the Mumbai Lit O Fest.
About the book: This is a 140 page book published by Vani Prakashan. It's a compilation of 89 poems or 'Nazms' that have been written straight from the heart. Each poem is short and crisp, pregnant with meaning. The lengthiest one is about 3 pages long.
Usually the poems depict questions from lovers. While reading those lines one may definitely resonate with those situations at one time or the other. We all have been heartbroken or been hurt at some point of our lives. There are so many questions that we seek answer too although we ourselves know that we may never get those answers.
Some of the poems are happy reads too, which express the ecstasy and butterflies in stomach pertaining to happiness or a new relationship.
What I loved about this book?
The fact that the poems are very short, it's a very easy read. You can just pick up, read a few poems and then keep it down. You can pick it up whenever you want and engage in hours of emotional sojourn. Pick it up from here.

I really loved it. Looking forward to her next release!

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  1. Loving your book review. I will borrow this book from you super soon. And loved your outfit and accessories here.

  2. Wow.. this was interesting and informative. Didn't know the meaning until i actually read your post.

  3. I really love your outfit. And this book seems an awesome read. I'm keeping it on my bucket list

  4. I too like to read books in good ambience. And the ambience around you is amazing and peaceful. Keep reading and writing good content.

  5. I loved your post and pictures. Your outfits looks super cool I will definitely check the site.

  6. Well, I loved reading the whole article and also loved what you are wearing !

  7. Well I also love reading shayari and I try to write some as well. I will give this book a look.

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