Boombox Cafe , Gurgaon

by - 7/11/2016

How do you define Sunday in a word? Fabulous! And how do you define a Sunday with sumptuous food? Fantabulous!! Well it was never a secret what a great foodie I am. Whether its eating out at some nice place or cooking up something interesting, I am always surrounded by good food. But the fun of eating out is unmatched. And when you are invited to a Food Blogger's Meet with a couple of close blogger friends, its a perfect Sunday!
Last Sunday there was a Foodie Meet at Boombox Cafe, Gurgaon. Sector 29 is miles away from our place but finally we three made there in one piece. Mithun and Shilpa were already there and then we four joined for a culinary sojourn.
A perfect Sunday night...with friends Mithun and Shilpa
As soon as I entered, I was impressed by the 'musical decor'. As the name suggests, Boombox is a music player. Similarly all sorts of music players...big, small and medium were all over the place. Same goes for the music too, English numbers were echoing from all corners. It had been really long that I had listened music in peace (I mean plugging my headphones in my ears). My daily dose of music has been restricted to our car radio. So I absolutely enjoyed revising all my fav English chartbusters: Maroon 5, Ellie Golding and so on. Then our favourite pastime began...Food tasting!
Non Veg Sampler
 First we ordered the Non Veg Sampler. It had:
Mutton barrah: mutton ribs which were grilled. 

Chicken Tikka: I loved it

Chicken Seekh: My favourite out of the three.
Fish and favourite!

Then we tried London Fish and chips: The fish was fried to perfection, the dips were yummy too. However the portions were a bit small for a foodie like me. There were three strips of fish.

Veg Sampler

In veg we ordered the Veg Sampler. It was quite lavish and consisted of Dahi ke Kaba, Tofu Yakitori, Paneer Harrisa Tikka, Cottage cheese Spring Roll Tomato Bruschetta and Caesar Salad.

Every item was lipsmacking but my favourites were the Paneer harrissa Tikka and Bruschetta.

Mocktails: First I had Italian Smooch was another form of gingerale and was refreshing.

Then I ordered the cranberry mocktail. For a sweet and salt lover like me, it had the perfect balance of sweet and freshness! I ended my meal with a masala soda.

The best part? I did not feel any heaviness after eating so much! 
Flames around my mocktail

A plate of non spicy noodles especially whipped up for my daughter
Boombox Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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