This is how Gurgaon's Google office looks like!

by - 2/22/2018

Google...the six letter word that changed people's lives! There is not a single person on the planet (at least I think so) who is not impressed with Google and I am no exception! Tech guys dream of working with this internet giant. While people like me (with a medical background) can only dream of having a peek at its office. Thankfully, my other profession (that of a blogger) fulfills little bit the technology part. I had been longing to visit the Gurgaon office ever since I had seen many tech bloggers flaunting their Google guest IDs. My prayers were answered when I got an invitation from there for a user survey. Being a blogger sometimes pays in the most unexpected ways! The best ones:

I was really excited and thought of doing a photoshoot as well as an OOTD there. I donned new clothes, entirely from Zaful and was ready. As you can see, I am in love with bell sleeves (husband not too impressed BTW) He loves these leather pants although. However I did not bring my DSLR because firstly, it is bulky and a liability. Secondly, most offices ban using of a professional camera. I had to satisfy myself with mobile clicked pictures only.
However, a part of me was apprehensive as to what if they did not allow any photography? Well I marched inside but things quite did not turn out what I had expected.
Here are what I found inside Google office:

The security at the main entrance is very strict. I mean even after showing the invitation mail they did not let me in. I had to call the person who had invited me.

Photography is BANNED inside the office! Too sad 😓

The employees are really well dressed with tonnes of makeup (girls of course) I mean I could not imagine sporting a red lip inspite of being a fashion blogger inside the office but they were!

I could not explore much of the office as there was no one to escort me.
This picture was taken by my surveyor inside her office!
The survey session was tedious. I mean it was 90 minutes of rapid fire with just a glass of water for a break!
However I did manage to keep the Guest ID badge with me.

After I was done, I roamed around on the outside. There was a cricket pitch too! Guess what? I got my pictures clicked by a gardener! How crazy is that?
Printed Bell Sleeves Top:
Leather Pants:
Purse: Steve Madden

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  1. Wow what an interesting trip babe!! The google building and space looks incredible! Would love to visit one day <3

    XO, Jessi

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