Jal Mahal, Jaipur

It was our last day in the Pink city. We could not explore it as much as we would have wanted. Though I never planned to have a whirlwind tour (as we do with every trip), the ardent traveller in me was not satisfied. Maybe relaxing in a five star hotel with one or two sightseeing spots each day. But that did not mean that I got to sleep till late in the plush bed. I had so many things lined up.

However all my exploration plans were cut short when we woke up late. I still had to swim and indulge in a lavish breakfast before I could do anything else. The father daughter duo were still sleeping when I decided to sneek out and go for a swim. By the time I came back, they both were awake and this saved us a lot of time. In fact later I came to know that they had been watching me from the room.
We had plans of going to the Amer Fort. But we had to leave for Delhi before dusk. So we decided to ditch the fort and go to the Jal Mahal only. I had been in Jaipur with my parents when I was a kid; and I remembered having loved Jal Mahal very much.
Jal Mahal, as the name suggests, is a palace situated in the middle of Man Sagar Lake. It was renovated in the 18 th century by Maharaja Jai Singh II. The Palace can be reached by boats but we were too short on time to do that. 

Just like every touristy place, this spot too was flocked by photographers. My husband has a knack of getting clicked in traditional wear. I on the other hand, stay away from rented clothes. Also our daughter had fallen asleep and she was on my lap. How could I possibly put her down and get dressed and have pictures taken? However I had to yield to the wishes of my partner and persistence of the photographer.
 I handed over my sleeping baby to a small boy, the assistant of the photographer. I quickly put on the ghaghra and dupatta and stuff and bloated like a balloon!
My husband on the other hand was looking very nice. We quickly got our pictures clicked and got the best out of those printed. I changed back to my normal self and took my precious back in my arms.

I myself did not know that I could look this fat!!

My sleeping baby and the Man Sagar Lake in the background.

Finally a family photo in front of the Hawa Mahal..

How can travelling be complete without shopping? And when its fashion footwear, there is no stopping! Are there enough shoes for women in this world? I guess no! I shopped to my heart's content. I bought for both my moms, my friends and myself. What I did not know is that these fashion shoes would never make it home. Actually my shopping bag was kept separately in our cab. While getting off we forgot to pick up that particular bag. It was very late at night and we were exhausted. As soon as I remembered, we called up the driver. Too bad he denied having anything left in the car. Dishonest him :(

Later I started looking for women's shoes online to compensate my loss. Here are a few which I picked up.

 Blue and white is a classic combo. These are best errands in style. Find these here.

How cute are these pink ethnic flats? Find these here.
 Winters are incomplete without a pair of booties. Find these here.

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Fight Hairfall!

Do you have hairfall? I bet yes! Is it alarming? I bet you are not so sure!

Combing is a nightmare for me because of hairfall

First of all let me enlighten you when to consider hairfall alarming. Being a physician who deals with hair and skin mainly; I know how much confused people actually are. Some think that hair strands while combing and washing is hairfall. Well no.

Our hair are not permanent. They grow, mature and eventually fall off. For girls 50 to 100 strands falling is normal. Normal said being hairfall during combing, brushing and other rigorous activities. If its more than that, its time to wake up!

Apart from choosing the right products for your hair, its important to make changes in your lifestyle. Add more fruits and veggies to your diet, laugh more and fret less; apart from other vital changes.  However some physiological conditions like post pregnancy can shoot up hairfall and you may find it difficult to gain that back.

I have been having severe hairfall for the past three to four years. First it was stress and unhealthy lifestyle which got coupled with post partum hairfall. I had been looking for changes in my hair care regime when I received the New Best ever Pantene Pro V for Hairfall Shampoo which promises to fight hairfall in 14 days! I plunged into the #14DayChallenge! 

The best ever Pantene Pro V Hair Control Range
The #14DayChallenge lives up its name! I fight hairfall to a large extent!
I decided to find out which one is more effective: The new Pantene or the unidentified shampoo and conditioner

I decide to take up the #14DayChallenge

I decide to part my hair into two halves. I apply new Pantene on one half. Apply the required amount of Pantene on wet hair and scalp.

I apply the unidentified shampoo on the other half.
After a couple of minutes of massaging, I rinse it off with water.
The side in which I use new Pantene has lesser quantity of hair! New Pantene works!
Losing hair during washing is normal. But it should not be in bunches. Since I have curly hair, I lose more hair than normal girls as they tangle more. The side of my head in which I use the new Pantene loses much less hair than on the other side. The new Pantene works from the first wash!
Don't forget to apply the new Pantene conditioner after shampooing your hair .
After rinsing the hair off with water, apply the new Pantene conditioner for hairfall. The final result: My hair was smooth and pleasant smelling.

I usually wash my hair twice a week. So in 14 days, I washed my hair four times!

The best ever Pantene does really reduce hairfall. It has a fruity smell which I love. The Pantene conditioner leaves my hair smooth. Its quite economical.. 110 INR for 180 ml shampoo and 55 INR for 75 ml conditioner. I plan to continue using it.

However one cannot ignore the importance of lifestyle changes and diet for fighting hairfall. If you eat healthy, stay happy and exercise, Pantene will do the rest!

“I am taking up the #14DayChallenge as a part of  product review activity at BlogAdda in association with Pantene

Khajjiar Road, Dalhousie

Snow clad Khajjiar Road
The sole purpose of travelling to Dalhousie in the winters was to indulge in snow. Dalhousie is usually under a white blanket during December to February. Unfortunately, in the last winters, temperatures did not dip as it was supposed to. Maybe its because of global warming; Delhi too hardly had any winter spells. Unfortunately Dalhousie did not have that much snow as we would have liked. 

There are various spots in and around Dalhousie that are almost snow covered throughout the year. Dainkund Peak since its the highest point, its a no brainer that its covered with snow. Similarly the winding narrow road which leads to Khajjiar (also known as the Switzerland of India) is usually snow covered. Strangely Khajjiar itself does not have snow since its  a small plateau. I was fully prepared for the chill. However I had not shopped enough mens winter wear  for my partner.
Stopping on the way (literally)
WE stopped on the way. We had piled up on warm clothing and it was stuffy inside the car as the heater was on too. So we were simply oblivious of the chill outside. I got excited as we saw the snow adorning the slopes of the hills and on the roads. I requested our driver to just pull over and I flung the door open and jumped outside (daughter in my Dad's arms) I had to hurry back to the car. It was fureezing! I put on my ear muffs and gloves to combat the cold. Then my partner in crime came out too and froze! I wished I had packed enough winter for men. Then we pranced on the roads. It took a while to get acclimatized. Then there was no stopping.
My parents were having a hard time in controlling our daughter as she wanted to come out too. Thankfully they were there to manage her otherwise I could have never enjoyed the snow with my infant!

My partner shivering in the cold!

We walked along the winding roads. From a distance we could see an amphitheatre like structure. We went towards it and it was kind of a park/amphitheatre. The snow on the steps gave it a very dreamy look. But somehow  our photos did not turn out the way I expected them to be. Maybe it was aerial shot which I wanted!
An amphitheatre kind of place...
As much as the snow looked romantic, I was unable to pose like my usual self. My boots were continuously slipping and I was having a hard time not falling off and breaking my limbs! After It was too much of snow bashing, (though you can never go overboard with that :D) I was freezing. My dad signalled us to come back and control our unmanageable daughter. By the time I reached the car, my hands were too numb to open the car door!

Here is a list from the winter collection for men which was required to brave the cold:

A cool, white hoodie. Find this here.
 A nautical sweater. I love blue stripes on men. Find this here.
 This is such a classy sweater. Find this here.

After all the layers, top it up with a leather jacket. Find this here.

Hexa Experience in Gurugram

This weekend was rather eventful for me. I went out every single day (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and it was super fun! Although I spent the entire Monday doing my laundry and tidying up the house (as I out for three days). On Friday it was a restaurant review, Saturday it was the #HexaExperience and Sunday it was Football at Indian Super League. Who's complaining anyway?

After my stint with the Tata Hexa in Hyderabad, I had been telling my family and friends about the super car. They had been waiting for its launch along with me in January as everyone was so eager to see and feel the car. Fortunately, we did not have to wait that long. Tata Hexa itself came to our city pre launch! Yes, Tata Motors set up an entire Hexa Experience Center in none other than Gurugram. Last weekend it was Hexa Experience all the way.
I decided to experience the Hexa on Saturday evening. I was really excited; I had loved it so much the first time that I was eagerly waiting to get my hands on the wheel again. However this time it was not just the car. It was a complete family experience!
Taking a Tea Break at the Beverage stall
What is the best way to spend the weekend? With your family of course...eating, drinking, getting entertained, having fun and going for long drives. And that's exactly what Tata Motors had planned by setting up the Hexa Experience Center. Along with the test drive, there was a refreshment zone, Kid's entertainment zone, Photo Booths, Pet Adoption Centre, Beverage stall and a host of other Tata brands along with the macho Tata Hexa. There was complimentary tea and coffee at the Hexa Cafe. Also there was free WiFi!

I started my experience with clicking pictures of course. The displayed Hexa was in Arizona Blue which was my favourite colour. The seven seater looked even more gorgeous inside. I love the plush leather seats, mood lighting, cooled glove box and of course the lights beside the vanity mirror.

The drive was superb as expected. The four driving modes ensure that the ride is as smooth as ever. I love the automatic transmission car as I am not too fond of changing gears. Of course the 6 gear manual transmission is a boon for long rides. The drive was even more enjoyable as it was on the familiar roads of Gurugram.

Having a blast at the live performance of Midival Punditz..
After I came back, there was mind blowing live performance by the Midival Punditz. They had performed at the Coldplay concert in Mumbai and I knew why. They were so freaking awesome! After melody to my ears, I proceeded for the Off Road Experience.
Dust Dust everywhere at the Off Road track.
And here is a glimpse of the hurdles the car was made to face..The Tata Hexa is built to tackle off road journeys with safety and commfort. Here the Hexa is climbing stairs and driving on planks with ease. Can you think of an SUV that does that with so much ease? The hill descent function is for steep descents which would switch off automatically as you come to a level road. Hill Hold Control prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards on uphill drives. There are anti skid features to drive over water and snow.  (Traction Control System)  ABS with Electronic Brake Force Distribution optimizes braking distance and enforces vehicle stability.

The Off Road track was one heck of a ride! The Tata Hexa braved all the hurdles like butter.. 
Here is a glimpse of the awesome Midival Punditz performing:

Finally I came back home feeling rejuvenated and with lots of memories. The Midival Punditz are still ringing in my ears. It was such a delightful Saturday.

Coat: AND by Anita Dongre
Top: Pantaloons
Denims: Levi's
Purse: Shopper's Stop

Indian Soccer League 2016 in a Bewakoof.com T shirt dress

Growing up in a country which is obsessed with cricket, its almost impossible to pay attention to other sports. We are born with cricket on our parents' minds, we grow up on cricket, live, drink and then die with cricket. We had almost forgotten that hockey is our national game. However the scenario has changed in the past few years. Sports have taken an important position in the school curriculum and we have started looking beyond cricket!

I am not that much into sports but I love watching them live. After all I am a cricketer's wife! Not only my husband is obsessed with cricket but he can watch any sports for the whole day! Technically I understand only cricket. However I love watching gymnastics and swimming. 

Just like the IPL, three years ago started the Indian Soccer League. Being a Bengali. its in my blood to enjoy football. How can anyone forget the eternal rivalry between Mohun Bagan and East Bengal? Well the ISL proved to be a boon for all football lovers.

This year got special for me. After the IPL 2016 I got the chance to witness an ISL match live. The match was in Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, I watched the match between Delhi Dynamos and Football Club of Goa. Of Course Delhi won! It was such an amazing experience to watch the home team win on the home ground.
I chose a sporty outfit for this occasion. A cute T-shirt dress from Bewakoof.com.

Flags fluttering like crazy when Delhi scored a goal.

Enjoying mother daughter time!

Performance by the winners of India Got talent during Half time..

The final score was Delhi had 5 goals and Goa just one! Whoaa!!

Seems I have been bitten by the sports bug! Otherwise how can you explain this bicycle mobile cover? I am loving it by the way. You can find more such quirky mobile cases.
Bewakoof.com has a host of cool apparels for men too. They have a wide collection of T-shirtdenim jeansjoggershoodies and pyjamas for men.