Hi!! I am Mandira ! Welcome to my blog!!
A Yoga expert by profession, a traveller and writer by passion. Docdivatraveller started as the blog for Travel and Fashion. You can find
relevant information about Travelling in India and outside of India. 
However as years passed, I became a mom and I started giving my mom advices to all the moms around the world through my reviews and suggestions. I am a mom of two now (Phew!) a five year old toddler and a seven month infant. You will definitely find something useful here!

I started my blog in 2013 to document my passion for travelling. I love fashion too, so my motto is to travel in style. My blog reflects my love for life.
My husband is a surgeon and he is my photographer. We take pictures with our Canon DSLR.
I have been married for eight years and I am a mother to two darling girls.

Fav color: light green
Fav drink: Shirley Temple
Fav movie: In her shoes

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