Spring Wishlist

by - 2/27/2016

Okay so spring may be really far away for Europeans and Americans. But for us Indians, it's just knocking at our door! Right now the weather in Delhi is really pleasant. It's neither too cold nor too warm. However during the noon time it gets really hot.
Spring is something that we Delhiites don't get to enjoy as such. It's either winter or summer. So February end and March beginning we get a spring like feeling.
Every spring not only me but everyone needs a wardrobe makeover. This year I have explored one of my favorite sites dresslink.com which has thousands of pretty products at very reasonable prices and picked few must have items for spring.

A bright coloured floppy Hat here

Pastel colour summer blazer here

Dress: A flirty ruffle dress in the prettiest cobalt blue colour. Shop it here

Prada lookalike Sunglasses here. You need a cool pair of shades to protect you from the sun; right

 Chanelesque quilted purse here: You can never have enough purses that too which look like Chanel!

 Charm Bracelet cum watch here I particularly love the star fish charm.

 Pastel colour necklace here A must have

 Nude lace up sandals here Who cares for comfort when you speak fashion? :p

So what are you waiting for? Update your spring wardrobe now!!

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  1. Nice collection, dear...I bought a floral print summer blazer a few days back. This yellow one looks cool, too... :-)

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  3. I love the watch. Will try out this site as I don't know it. You always accessorise so well dear.

  4. Nice collection you've picked up, enjoy spring in Delhi ☺️

  5. Loving the yellow blazer - such springy vibes! I can't wait for the weather to warm up in NYC!

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