Valentine's Gift Guide

by - 2/11/2016

Love is in the air...ain't it? I can actually smell it ...he he :D Ah its that time of the year again. Valentine's day! What does it mean to you? For a romantic person like me this used to be really special in my teenage years. My darling mom used to pamper me with gifts and good food. Its about celebrating love and my mom was the person whom I loved most that time. Right now that place has been hijacked by my daughter (no points for guessing that :D) Well then during my college years I used to fret with my single girlfriends over being single. I met my soulmate in April 2010 and got married the next year in February. So there was no way I could actually celebrate this festival of love with my boyfriend turned fiance. So I hoped for something special after I became married.

My first Valentine Day as a wife was five days after our wedding (we tied the knot on 9th Feb). We were exhausted from the celebrations and our flight to Mauritius was just after two days. So in between recovering from the exhaustion and preparing for our honeymoon, I managed to procure gifts for my new hubby. I surprised him in the morning but he was more shocked than surprised. He expressed his pleasure but I sensed something was not right.

Next year I had high hopes from him. But gradually I learnt that he does not believe in this day. He thinks its a publicity gimmick and a way to boost stupid sales. He also says that this does not represent our culture and we should not cave in to stupid commercial gimmicks. Moreover we had planned to celebrate our anniversary every year so 14 th February did not require a special celebration. He was correct to a very large extent. Though the child in me did not admit defeat. 

2013 passed. We had returned from a long Philippines trip and of course did not have extra money to spend on this so called 'useless day'. I however continued buying him gifts and cooking nice meals for him. After all Valentine's day or not, I loved him from the bottom of my heart. 

In 2014 I was eight months pregnant and we were eagerly waiting for the newest member to arrive. So celebration was far for my mind.

Last year our infant was sick so there was no point in going out. But this year I have something special in my mind. I hope my husband does not read this :D Since he treated me to such a lovely anniversary cum Valentine vacation, I plan to cook a lovely meal for him and shower him with gifts.

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My idea of Valentine's Day...roses and more roses!

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  1. Yes, roses...they always make me smile... :-)

    Happy belated anniversary to both of you...wishing many more years of togetherness... :-)