Triveni Saree International Giveaway

by - 2/12/2016

Get ready for a Saree over dose!!
I am back with a Saree post! But this time, its for my lovely readers. On the ocassion of Valentine's Day, I have two beautiful Triveni sarees to give! So read on and get yourself a gorgeous Triveni saree. Please don't get disheartened my male readers! You too can participate and win one for your better half!
I have been privileged to wear more and more of the six yard wonder since I have become the brand ambassador of Triveni sarees. Also I got to try out various styles. I am usually not too fond of routines so trying out various Saree drapes every time I wear one is my favourite pastime!

Here are some of the drapes I have tried in the past few months. Do you like them?

I love this kind of pallu draping...

A gorgeous Triveni Saree worn like a of my favourite styles...

A kind of Mumtaz style (Triveni saree)

Being a Bong its a no brainer that I love the Bengali draping style...(Triveni Saree)

All wrapped up style
Thin pleats pinned up style...

The Traditional Bahu style...

The classical Pallu falling style
This kind of draping is my all time favourite!!

Now time for a simple question:

Which of the above drapes is your favourite or you would like to try?  Why?Or do you have your own favourite style of draping? Leave your comments below.

Optional: you can post your favourite saree drape picture on Triveni Facebook page with #DocDivawithTriveni


1st prize: A gorgeous Triveni saree 
2nd prize: A gorgeous Triveni saree

Rules and Regulations:

1. This contest is open internationally.
2. This contest is open from 12th February to 20th February.
3. Winners would be chosen by Triveni Ethnics.
4. Participants have to do either of the following in order to be eligible:

Follow Triveni and Docdivatraveller on facebook.
Follow Triveniethnics and Docdivatraveller on Instagram

5. Winners would be notified by email. So please leave your email along with your answers in the comments below.

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  1. These are gorgeous!

  2. I love your Mumtaz style! I am bored of the normal drapes and this is such a refreshing take on the six yards! Also for a tomboy like me, I don't have to waste time in taking care of the falling pallu!
    [email protected]

  3. I like all the styles, specifically when draped on gorgeous ladies. Some times it amazed me how much patience you beautiful ladies have to drap sarees in different stiles.
    In my opinion for best style it has to be selected based on the pattern and cloth as well as body structure, so not a single style is better or best.

  4. loved all the sarees :)

  5. Great are looking gorgeous in each and every one. Recently Triveni Ethnics organized a workshop in Kolkata and sent me an invite. But, I missed it badly as I was out of the station :-( Now, I'm feeling even more envious seeing your exquisite draping styles... :-P

    I loved the Bengali draping style most (Yes, the bong connection) with the contemporary styling with the blouse. It gives a fresh and cool look to the same traditional style. A peppy way so to say... :-)

    maniparna[email protected]

  6. P.S. Already following both of you on FB, just started following on Insta. my Insta id being :-)

  7. Wow u look so pretty... Love ur style of saree draping <3

    Affordable Lace Gown

  8. Well, you look gorgeous in anything you wear Mandira! :) My favourite among the above drapes is: The classical Pallu falling style.

  9. Mandira u r looking really elegant. My favourite saree drape style is border to border style coz I love sarees with heavy borders and they are quite easy to drape.

  10. My fav is pallu draping ..I love it because its look very graceful & comfortable too <3
    Followed IG accounts ..My username is : @billano_kawaii
    My email : [email protected]

  11. :) I can count the number of times I have draped a sari around me.. but I love seeing others in sari.. loved the mumtaz style the best :) the sari and the style.. although I feel comfortable in the good old traditional draping leaving it loose. thanks for dropping by.

  12. I have liked ur page n triveni page on fb, keeping my fingers crossed.
    eml:[email protected]


    1. My fav is definitely the BEngali style of draping.
      When Devdas released we all went crazy n flaunted the drape in our college festivals.

  13. I love your Bengali style the's not the traditional style but with a twist nonetheless. The typical style does not have pleats. Here you not only look elegant but the pallu is gorgeously visible too which is the most beautiful part of the saree. What I love about all the styles above that you have draped every saree with a new twist. Saree is indeed the most versatile garment! Liked the pages. Fingers crossed.
    [email protected]

  14. I like pallu draping because its simple yet trendy. No need to carry pallu and enjoy freely. Moreover it can be done alone, when nobody around to help you out. BUt Sarees always look elegant whatever the style is.
    Fb share-
    Insta Id- urmilamittal20
    ID - [email protected]
    Liked both the pages on Insta and FB. Done wit every step

  15. I love your lehanga style drape as it is giving a bit western tadka to traditional attire.. Will definitely look beautiful in functions like marriage.. I will love to drape a sari in this style & get a photo shoot done :)

    Done all the steps & sharing my email id: [email protected]

  16. I want to win, because the saree reflects Indian culture transmitting all beauty , strength and happiness of the india country. And I love the Pallu falling style. I follow on Instagram and like both pages on Facebook.
    . Email : [email protected]

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I'd like to try out the traditional bahu style , because I'd love see a legitimate saree and have a piece of India in my home, in Brazil. I hope that now I'll have the chance to wear it . I follow you two on Instagram. [email protected] :) :)

  19. Looking amazing in every pic 😊

  20. This is too good and interesting, I would anyway love to be comfortable in south indian style of saree draping.. pics tagged in fb. following u too..
    Got inspired by this post & composed a blog ..

    Thanks Mandira
    my email : [email protected]

  21. Hope this is the correct link to fb..
    there is no space betweenn triveni and sarees triveni , Pl correct me if I am wrong

  22. I don't have much knowledge in different types of sarees. But i do like girls in sarees. And You are looking gorgeous in all those different types of sarees. And if I have to choose one , I'd choose TRADITIONAL BAHU STYLE saree. Because I want to gift that one to my mom and that would just look perfect on her. So that's it :)

  23. The classical Pallu falling style is my favorite
    did the fb entries
    name Karin Shaim
    email karins1010 @ gmail . com

  24. I love your lahanga style the most. Firstly its of cobalt blue colour which is gorgeous in itself. secondly the drape is super festive and party like. the intricate gold details of the blouse are visible as well as the beautiful golden border of the saree. saree is already a glamorous garment but when you drape like this you make it look ultra sizzling. following the fb accounts.
    [email protected]

  25. Wonderful giveaway .
    Followed both on instagram , username ghazli123
    I like the first style of draping a saree , its much different from usual style of saree draping .where one can flaunt the beautiful design on the pallu and gives a classy look .This draping style looks stylish and elegant and makes a normal saree , an adorable one .Thus making an Indian ethnic wear a Classy and gorgeous one .

  26. My favorite is the lahanga's perfect for party wear.
    [email protected]

  27. You look lovely in all saree

  28. I love this dresses! great giveaway!

  29. I liked the thin pleats pinned up style of the pink saree, that's my all time favourite.
    [email protected]

  30. I love the All wrapped up style, I like how you can use saree in different styles .
    I follow on the Instagram . Fingers crossed.
    [email protected]

  31. so sweet!

  32. Where can we see the results ?

  33. Sorry for the delay in announcement guys. The results are out.
    1st prize: Maniparna
    2nd prize: Urmila

    Congratulations to the winners!

    For the rest of the participants thank you so much for taking part in the giveaway. Better luck next time. I would be back with a new giveaway very soon.

  34. Yay!! I'm so very happy on winning the prize. A blog post will follow as soon as I received the prize... :-D Thanks so much, Mandira and Triveni Sarees... :-)

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  36. Marvelous post. I really like your different type sarees draping style. Thanks for sharing this informative post with us.

  37. The collection look quite different from the others. I really appreciate your effort and thank for sharing the sarees post with us.