When Planning Saved the Day

by - 2/26/2016

Bhule Nath was a very well known merchant. Not only was he the richest in his village but the most generous person too. Villagers used to come him for financial help and he used to oblige them always. In times of drought or any other crisis, he used to come to the rescue of the farmers and his fellow villagers. One day a cyclone rained down the village.

Everything was in debris including Bhule Nath's house and his factory. Lives were lost and people injured and shaken. How would Bhule Nath help them now? He himself needed support. But to everyone's surprise and relief, he had savings and investments. He bounced back into his normal life with grace.

Sanjana wanted to become a doctor since childhood. The dream seemed distant as she belonged to a lower middle class family. She was a brilliant student nonetheless so cracking the entrance exams was a cakewalk. But payment of the medical school fees and buying books required a lot of money. Her parents were immensely proud and supportive of their would-be doctor daughter and they left no stone unturned. Then the unforeseen happened. Her father, the only earning member met with an accident and passed away.

Sanjana saw darkness all around but her mother assured her with confidence. Her father had made all the arrangements for her education, wedding as well as her and her mother's future.

Rohan was the only child of his parents. His father was a meagrely earning clerk. But he had high hopes from life and he wanted to set up his own business. His father was supposed to help him with his precious savings. One day his father gets a paralytic attack and can no more continue with his job. People expected Rohan to throw away his dreams and take the position of his father. But his father had made all the arrangements and Rohan becomes the first small scale businessman in his family!


Did you watch the video above? Was not it surprisingly soothing? In all the stories above as well as the video, there was one thing in common. A solid plan. You never know what life is going to throw at you. So be prepared always! However you should not think about life’s ups and downs everyday. So a plan ensures that you live your life to the fullest without worrying for the future!

Time and again we hear about savings and insurance.These are two shields which protect ourselves and our loved ones from unforeseen circumstances. Can you leave the fate of your loved ones in other’s hands? No. You need to take the rein of your life and your loved ones’ too and secure them. No matter what adversities life throws at you, you are prepared to handle them with ease. #KhudKoKarBuland.

A little planning and saving goes a long way. You don't need to spend a fortune on savings. You can do bit by bit just like a squirrel does during winters. A stitch in time saves nine...remember? Similarly paying insurance premiums at regular intervals ensures that you have a stress free life later on.

Birla Sun life Insurance helps you to back up for the adversities of life so that you lead a stress free life later on. Face the challenges of life fearlessly!

Smart planning secures the future of your loved ones!

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  1. Interesting is good to face challenges and conquer them.

  2. Hi there,

    I guess planning is a prerequisite to self-empowerment.



  3. VEry cute post n the pic in the end is awesome.