Five Years!!

by - 2/09/2016

Its five years today! Whoaa time really flies! Today is the very day when I tied the knot with my soulmate. To be precise we took the 'saat phere' at night but who cares anyway! Five years is a long period ...I mean half a decade! More than a soulmate he is my partner in crime, my best friend. We fight like cats and dogs (just as best friends do) but immediately after our fight we are planning our next adventure!

Like every year, this year too we took a small getaway on this occasion. We decided to do something that is very unlikely of us. Instead of going to a tropical island or somewhere warm, we went to the hills! I had been planning to go to Dalhousie with my parents during winters before I got married. Somehow the plan never got materialised. So after so many years I initiated to resurrect the plan. Travelling with parents meant we could take our daughter too! I know I sound selfish but my baby is the happiest and healthiest with them. So it was actually a win win situation!

Dalhousie at this time of the year is usually covered with snow. However this year global warming seemed to have visible effects on the hills. Dalhousie was not covered in snow (it was predicted three days after our vacation) but was very cold nonetheless. The minimum temperature was -5 celcius which is too much for us Delhiiites. I know my European readers must be laughing their hearts out :D  Snow was prevalent a bit uphill from the main town. So to celebrate the half decade of our holy matrimony, we headed towards the snow!

To make things funny and a bit personal, I decided to come up with four things that I have learnt about my husband (that has not changed inspite of my repeated nagging or begging :D)

1.            He is a kid at heart. He can leave everything for a game of football, cricket or even just hide and seek with the neighborhood children.

2.            He is horrendously scared of eating non veg by accident. I mean he is a pure vegetarian since birth but he has an innate fear of tasting it by mistake. When he was in the Middle East he developed severe gastroenteritis just by the thought that he had taken a shred of chicken. While he vomitted miles away from home, I was scared to death.

3.            He is pathologically addicted to cricket. He himself is a cricketer and plays matches on behalf of his own hospital as well as from other hospitals' teams. He sacrifices his one precious Sunday in his incredibly busy schedule to playing matches every week.
4.            He is addicted to watching television and that too South Indian movies. I mean you expect a surgeon who has had a tortuously tiring day to fall asleep immediately. But my husband no matter whether he returns at 11 pm or 1 am settles on the couch with the remote in his hands and does not give up until I force him to do so. Often I find him sleeping with the remote in his hand and the television on when I wake up in the middle of the night!

So enough secrets spilled for now. He is going to kill me after reading this! Well have I mentioned that he hates reading? He does not read my blog...he just looks at the pictures :D So I am safe!

So here's to wishing my best friend and partner in crime and my husband a very happy five year anniversary! My life, my daughter and my blog would not have been possible without him!

Pants: Adidas
Sweater: Pantaloons
Beanie, Scarf: Forever21
Sunnies: Claire's

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  1. Happy wedding anniversary. .... yes I hate reading books... but I secretly read your each and every post (though I never mention it to you) 😅😆😊☺😅

  2. Happy anniversary! Awesome pics.

  3. super sweet :-) Happy Anniversary dearie :-)
    Cheers, Archana -

  4. Cute post n lovely pics.