The Lalit Jaipur

by - 2/24/2016

Happy hump day loves! Can't believe that two months of 2016 are already going to be over! How were they by the way? Well mine were pretty hectic. With the Delhi winters dipping to an all time low in the second half of January, life became really tough. It was actually tougher for my mom as she is the one who takes care of my baby. Our houses are not centrally heated and hence winters are ugly. And when you have a naughty infant like mine who refuses to wear either any warm clothing or socks even leave alone shoes! Well barring this life was pretty eventless with work work and work; just in time to squeeze a small snowy holiday on the last day of January. The February was busy with our anniversary and then the hubs preparing to leave the country for work. I find it extremely difficult living without him even if its for a week!

2015 had ended on a high note. As I had already shared how fabulous our last vacation was here. Though I must mention that it was not a cakewalk travelling with our infant. It was our first time and really challenging. Well the vacation was special for various reasons. Firstly it was our first 'family' trip. Secondly it was the last vacation of 2015. Thirdly it was a work vacation (hubs had his Orthopedic conference). Last and not the least we stayed at the luxurious Lalit Hotel.
The pink city was gorgeous in itself but our beautiful stay made our trip more memorable.

The property is an amalgamation of amenities and heritage. Our room had a gorgoeus pool view. That meant I wanted to take a plunge in it too. It was chilly in mid December but that did not deter me from taking a dip in it. The hotel had everything that I love: sumptuous food, fabulous interiors, ethereal ambiance and sweet staff. Here are a few pictures that exhibit how fabulous our vacation was.
The Lalit Jaipur

Lalit Jaipur
Delicious breakfast every morning!

Mother Daughter gorging on a delicious breakfast


The marble island

The Courtyard or I could like to call it an Island where cultural performances would  take place every evening...

Sculpture by Satish Gujral

Dress: from Philippines
Purse: Pierre Cardin

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  1. What a great place! It looks so tropical - love it!