3 Non Beachy places you must visit in Goa

by - 2/16/2022

 India's favourite festive capital of India is mainly visited for its beautiful beaches and throbbing nightlife. But there's so much more to Goa than the sea and the party atmosphere. This Portugese capital of India has huge forts that are in ruins and gorgeous places of worship (both for Hindus and Christians). And even if visiting ancient churches and temples are not on your interest list, here are three non beachy places that must be on your list the next time you visit the smallest state of India.

1. Fontainhas: This place is located in the capital, Panaji and very easy to reach. Fontainhas in Goa, in particular, is the place where you just can't get enough of this beautiful state. Visiting Fontainhas should undoubtedly be on your list of things to do in Goa. Recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, this place is visually breathtaking.

Whether it’s the houses that boasts of Portuguese architecture that are painted every year after the monsoon or the unusual Portuguese street names, it reminds one of the times when Goa was a Portuguese colony, thus making it a must-visit when holidaying in Goa.

 Fontainhas walking tours are also available. It’s a 2 hours trail that will walk you through the old Latin Quarter and take you back to the Portuguese era. These tours are available as a solo experience, couple experience, small groups and large groups so you could book the one that suits your need. Taking photos of this wonderful place and framing them can add an elegant touch to your home.

2. House of Goa museum. 

The museum itself is a stunning piece of architecture, as you can see. It's a glorious ship shaped building that is a photographer's delight from every angle. 

How to reach: It's located in Torda, Salvador-do-Mundo, Goa. We drove by car. You can rent a cab/scooty and reach there.

What to expect: 

The museum was designed and built by Gerard de Cunha and houses furniture, home decor items, door & window frames, railings, ceramic tiles, etc. from the bygone era when Portuguese architecture became a part of the Goan lifestyle. A definite must visit for history lovers. If you are detail oriented, it may take quite a chunk of your time. So you can just drop by and take pictures from the outside because you really wouldn't want to miss this stunning building. 

Ticket: 100 INR for an adult. 

PS Monday is closed. But then again, you can always take pictures from outside! 

I had no ide about this place for the past several times I visited Goa and that's why I am sharing with you all!

3. Betul Lighthouse: Now this place is possible only if you are staying in South Goa. 

If you are anything like me, you may have a fascination for lighthouses. Betul lighthouse is one of the three in Goa and is still functional. Located on Quitol, South Goa, it gives a spectacularly panoramic view of the Sal river, lagoon and the Arabian Sea. The 360 degree view at the top is jaw dropping with the wind trying to topple you and totally worth the sweaty climb along the hill with dry grasses. 

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes, both for the hike as well as for the climb through the stairs of the lighthouse. The attendant expects a tip from you; pay him beforehand so that he treats you well throughout 😂

I always wanted to visit a 'real lighthouse' in India, and the Betul lighthouse experience turned out to be even better! Have you read Enid Blyton? Then you would definitely have developed a fascination for lighthouses!

Have you visited any of the three places above? If not, put them on your list for the next time. And if yes, which is your favourite?

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  1. I cannot agree more. People always talk about the beaches of Goa ignoring the rest!

  2. There is so much more to Goa than the beaches. Fontainhas is a photographers' delight and the Betul Lighthouse is a favourite spot, and yes lighthouses do remind you of lighthouses. The lights flashing on and off! Sandy N Vyjay

  3. I have visited Goa just once. So next time if I visit, I will make sure to visit these places esp. Fontainhas & the second one.
    It looks so beautiful & calm.

  4. Even though I have travelled to Goa so many times, I have never been to these non-beachy places recommended by you. Definitely adding them to my bucket list. It is good to see the three of you enjoying travel, as earlier.

  5. One of my ex colleague loved in Betul and I visited this setup light house with her family. Also house of Goa museum is my favorite. Fontainhas is a good place as well. Loved your post.

  6. We all think about beach when we talk about Goa. But yes Goa has more than that. We had also been to Panjim once with kids and had food in some good places and enjoyed.

  7. I had visited the Betul Lighthouse and the Museum. Yes Goa still preserves the essence of Portuguese culture and those are must-visits.

  8. I love to explore architectural delights, these places are so beautiful. Goa is always associated with beaches but it has so many hidden gems.

  9. I have been wanting to go to that lighthouse for a while now. The pictures are stunning!

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