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by - 2/05/2022

 Have a brand to launch? No idea how to proceed? Reach out to Digital PR World!

Digital PR World is a digital marketing and PR management company with a client base across the country and abroad. They have already served companies of various sizes and industries in creative communication, SEO, PR, outdoor campaigns, digital marketing,

Amazon Flipkart management, performance marketing services. They have already served companies of various sizes and industries in creative communication, SEO, risk-mitigating PR, website designs, and other creative digital marketing services.

So why does your brand need a digital or soft launch?

Globally, businesses and customers are moving to digital platforms. Every brand should have an online presence and that too a strong one. All around the world pandemic has proved that digital presence decides our survival. And it is not going to change. Each and everyone requires to have a digital strategy and work through it. Most of the local brands are launching their products on digital platforms like websites, ecommerce portals, using digital PR and so on. And for an E Commerce website design, you need a thorough professional team.

So why Digital PR World? Low budget, no problem!

DPRW is a budget Brand Launch Agency in India with 15+ Digital Services in Kitty.

Digital PR World has launched 'brand and product launch package' specially created for local and micro businesses so they can have their own brands over digital platforms comprised of logo design, brand name ,packaging, launch and promotion. A step-by-step process that involves branding and product launch simultaneously when the companies wish to launch any new product in the market. Various criteria are considered like, pricing, TG, USPs, quality etc. prior-to the product launch and accordingly the creative route to ensure customers get the product in the most positive manner.

None other than could offer this kind of brand or product launch services to small, micro, and local businesses.

Digital brand launching is the new in-thing. Today, most brands are launched online through digital platforms. Digital branding is a communication process that combines the power of the internet and other digital or social platforms to launch a brand or develop a brand. A non-stop move of leads is generated to spread the reach. It linked with the proposed customers online i.e. Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. A narrative story is merged with proper visuals, and other techniques increase the awareness about the brand. Absolutely as the conventional medium, digital branding involves a few processes.


So how does Digital PR World do it?

● Market research

● Competition analysis

● Logo units

● Brand identities

● Trademark and website domains

● Product design

● Packaging and labels

● Website design – UI UX

● Ecommerce incorporating – amazon flipkart for branding and sales

● Creative – Brand store and A+ content creation

● Social media presence and communication design

● E-brochure and brand guidelines

● Content creation and blog

● Influencer outreach

● Digital and Print PR

● Outdoor creative work (if required)

● Performance marketing for branding and sales


So on what all platforms does the launch happen?

● Website

● Ecommerce marketplaces

● Digital PR in various vernacular languages across India

● With Bloggers and influencers outreach across India

● Social media, communication, and performance marketing

● Display ads over google and social media

Sounds interesting for your brand? Reach out to them below.:

[email protected]

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  1. Digital PR World seems the perfect partner for those looking for digital launch of their product or any other allied service. They seem to have a good reach which would be of real use to small enterprises.

  2. Ok, it is a perfect partner for most of the people now. And i exactly know who needs it the most in my contact, I'll forward it to them.

  3. Digital PR, like digital marketing, has brought a previously offline activity online. Worth sharing this post with friends.

  4. Digital PR world is perfect for business owners. I have realised how important it is to have a good marketing strategy and to implement it right.

  5. Digital PR marketing is indeed a one stop marketing and launch solution for budding and new brands who wants to attain a great Market reach.

  6. Most new brands have a low budget when they are starting out, and therefore, DPRW will be like a blessing in disguise for them. I love such budget Brand Launch Agencies in India.