How to fit into a bodycon dress?

by - 4/20/2022

 As the world is slowly getting back to normal, our bodies need to get back too! Am I the only one struggling with a  'stay at home loungewear body' or there are others also? I am pretty confident we all have got addicted to wearing sweats at home and now our jeans won't fit us anymore.

So how to get back with a bang without breaking your back (literally, from excessive gymming) ? Well, while there are numerous solutions like working out, crash diet, etc etc, nothing is going to make you ready in a jiffy. Let's say you have a wedding to attend tomorrow, so how will you fit into your lehenga choli? I do have a quick fix for you all..wholesale shapewear. Yeah you read that right. 

So how does a shapewear help?

Made of a combination of spandex and nylon, this compresses the abdomen to give it a smooth effect and slimmer waist. The three layer design ensures to strengthen the control and has glued hem to prevent curling. And yes, I know what are you thinking about. How to go to the loo? Well it has an open crotch keeping that in mind. How convenient isn't it?

Also it is pretty comfortable as the shoulder straps are wide and adjustable, which means, no digging into the skin!

Now you want to wear a booty hugging dress and you are too conscious of your sagging butt (hello lockdown body!) You need a butt lifting shapewear. 

This one has a special buttocks lift design and has epoxy lace to prevent curling at the foot. It's easy to go to the washroom, and the two strong steel bones prevent it from curling. The nylon and spandex combination makes it comfortable and breathable.

Now that the tummy and buttocks have been taken care of, you have one more are of concern: saggy and flabby arms. Even if they are not saggy, they are not toned like that of Sharapova! So you want to don a stunning gown with full sleeves and you want your upper half to look seamless. This wholesale waist trainer will do the trick. These sleeves will flatter your arms and the plunging neckline won't interfere with the design of your dress.

  Now that you have the cheat code to that smooth, flawless and slim body, paint the town in style! Don't shy away from donning that bodycon dress or that derrière hugging skirt! You are beautiful!

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  1. The lockdown and its aftermath has indeed been a challenge for our bodies. Getting into a bidycon dress, is possible by good shapewear. Of course comfort is important when buying shapewear, but the reward of getting into a bodycon dress is definitely appealing. Sandy N Vyjay

  2. Shapewear instantly adds a flattering shape to any body type when we put it on. Of course, when purchasing shapewear, we must consider comfort. We must also think about which shapewear is best for our bodies.
    You have mentiond it so well.
    Anjali Tripathi

  3. This is most interesting. I have gathered oodles of lockdown weight and feel so bad while trying to fit in. Hope they have a bodycon for men too!

  4. This is truly the perfect cheat code to a smooth, flawless and slim body. My female friends will be so happy to know about this product. All women should now get ready to paint the town in style!