9 lessons from 9 years of blogging

by - 4/12/2022

 Firstly, I would like to start this post with a humungous "Thank you". Because I am able to write this post only and only because of you, my readers. Nine years back, even the people closest to me didn't feel that I would last, but it's the encouragement of you all that made me keep writing all through these years. Read about my thoughts on the first anniversary and second anniversary.

9 years ago, I hit the publish button on my website for the first time and my life has never been the same ever since! While I could go on and on about how my life evolved for the better, but not today. Because I want you all to gain something from my 9 years of experience. So here are 9 things that I have learnt from my 9 years on the internet.

This is my first ever blog post. Pardon the unprofessional editing and font :D 

1. You really have to be passionate about your content. If you yourself don't believe in the content you are creating, no one else will do . Just because everyone is doing it, does not mean you have to, too. You really don't need to shake your hips in front of the camera on a trending soundtrack just because everyone else is doing it. You should be proud of your work, not ashamed of it!

2. Be ready for change. Blogging world is ever changing. 9 years back, it was all about writing long articles on the web. Instagram was just a photo sharing app. Today, short videos are everything. Even Instagram has forgotten what's photo sharing. It's videos and videos. Hundreds of short video platforms have cropped up (though I don't have least idea about how those work). From blogging to microblogging to influencing, it has really evolved. There are new influencers coming up every day who are ready to work for a free lipstick. So you need to be really adaptable in order to thrive .

3. Consistency is the key. They say content is the king. But if you are coming with dope content only once in a month, you are not going to make it. Of course the content needs to be good, but it's consistency that's more important.

While I am pretty consistent on my Instagram, this first baby of mine has been suffering for the past 2 years. I need to write more of my 'passionate' content and not just sponsored posts. I plan to publish at one blog post per week.

4. Networking is the secret to success. This is where I lag the most. Besides my introvert nature and being overburdened with family duties, I am really hanging from a thin thread. Again content may be the king but if you are not getting the opportunity to show the world your 'content skills' then how is it going to work? You need chances and networking plays a HUGE role. I just hope the world becomes normal soon so that I can venture out and show my face to some new people.

5. Be open to communication: This point may be the continuations of the previous point of networking. One the biggest mistakes which I did when I started was that my blog did not have a contact section. So the only way to reach me was through comments. Of course there was no one to teach me.

What I am saying now is that, reply to that email even if it is not of your niche, fill that form.Who knows what you may land on from those database! 

I signed up for my first blogging community Indiblogger in 2014, exactly after one year of starting. And then I started getting invited for launches and events! So you just don't know what opening up might bring!

6. Don't think of money when you start. Back in 2013 when I started, it was pure passion for travelling that led me write articles after articles. I never thought I would make a penny out of them. But after a year of consistent writing, brands started noticing my work and emails started pouring in. Had it been only monetary motive, I wouldn't have survived at all.

7. Slow and Steady: Life is a marathon, not a sprint. the same applies for blogging journey as well. I am a no expert, but these days I see young influencers start, shoot off at rocket's speed and then extinguish. I mean that if you are really passionate about sharing or creating content (not just taking it up as a career) , then you have to be slow and steady so that you don't burn off.

8. Create content for yourself; something that you are really passionate about and not just 'trending' things. Expert say that create content for your audience, not for yourself. However, I beg to differ. 

If you are really passionate about your niche, your audience will find you. Back in2013 when I started, few expert blog owners suggested I write about men's fashion or ethnic wear for women because these topics got more hits that time. Had I listened to that, I don't know where I would have been. But one thing is for sure, I would have definitely run out of topics!

9. Last but not the least: You can't fake it till you make it. The audience is intelligent. And so are the brands. You can't claim to be something which you are not. It may work for few times but not in the long run. Authenticity is the primary highlight of this ''Influenzah" industry because the audience relates to the real world than that of the celebs. So we should always try to stay true to ourselves.

As I am highly emotional right now about my first baby, my website/blog, I am extremely thankful to you, my readers who have made me what I am today. I may not have hundreds of thousand followers or trillions of page views,  but I am content with what I am doing because I am really passionate about content creation. Whether it's writing, or taking nice pictures or creating a video, I really love doing that. I am extremely grateful that I have a job that allows to explore my creativity and get paid for what I love doing most...documenting life's little moments.

Signing off, I hope to continue creating content, irrespective of monetary benefits, for the rest of my life.

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  1. All helpful tips and true it has to be a passion. I post once a week due to work and my farm but I really enjoy it as a hobby not income but been pretty bless that I collaborated with so many known brand.

  2. Blogging is indeed serious business, and these are great tips and especially for those starting their blogging journey. Passion and consistency are key. Sandy N Vyjay

  3. Congratulations dear,i love to read your blog. Agreed with you each and every point you wrote. I wish o can also achieve that milestone.

  4. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom. It gives me hope and reassurance to keep going too :)
    Congrats on completing 9 years! !! Wow! !

  5. We read this post with a lot of interest because obviously we share common ground with you. The pointers are very helpful and we are rooting for consistency.

  6. Congratulations to you on this feat. Consistency and being real is the key to success in blogging. Yes even I too lag in networking and having people open to share learnings and other information

  7. Mandira, like you, even I started my blogging journey many years ago, and I continue to learn to date and evolve. You're right that only those who have passion and creativity will survive in the long-term, although anyone with a smartphone will be a content creator.

  8. First of all congratulations for completing 9 years. Its been 10 years that I started my blog too. Consistency is key and I agree to it fully.

  9. The biggest lesson I have learned is that being consistent helps. And yes having a good quality content published is always a bonus. Congratulations for completing 9 years and cheers to more years.