4 ways to look more attractive this Black Friday

by - 11/10/2021

The holiday season is here and so is Black Friday. That gives us an enormous chance to shop. But what all do we need in reality? How is this shopping going to change our lives?

 No matter how confident we are with ourselves, there IS a need for external validation. I know, the fearless and assured women would dismiss me for blurting this out, but I am representing the majority here. Lest, how do you justify the roaring success of social media platforms that thrive on pompousness and the mushrooming of new such platforms everyday? Well if you ask me, it's not a sin to feel desired. The basic human psychology persuades us to feel wanted and hence look attractive. While looking attractive that very little to do with ideal vital stats or that designer handbag, majority of it comes from feeling good within yourselves. If you want to look attractive, you need to feel attractive first. And here's four simple tips how you can achieve that.

1. Workout regularly. By workout I don't mean anything that involves losing weight. Regular exercising is mandatory for good health and increasing immunity. It makes our heart stronger and the increased blood flow makes our skin glowing. But the best part? Those happy hormones éndorphins' elevate our mood and make us look and feel attractive. Another important motivating factor? Wear cute gymwear. You can buy a few from the myriads of wholesale sportswear. It definitely makes working out more enjoyable. Make sure you take full advantage of the Black Friday sales and stock up on cute gym wear. How cute are these pastel colours? These are super comfortable as it is made of 60% polyester, 35% nylon and 5% spandex. Stretchy yet always maintains shape.

2. You should know what to wear: This a hush hush secret to looking great. If you want to hide that flab in your tummy, say no to light colours and embrace dark ones. Short height? Choose vertical stripes. Avoid contrasts like black and white, red and blue etc.. Heavy rear? Wear longer tops and so on.

3. Make sure you are well groomed. Make sure your nail paint is not chipped and  teeth are sparkling white. Tame your baby hair and flyways with a hair spray and don't forget to regularly trim your hair . Work on your conversational skills and image. What might seem superficial now would boost your confidence and image in the longer run.

4. Hide your tummy flab. We women lust after that bodycon dress but are unable to don it because of a flabby tummy which maybe post childbirth, or surgery, excessive love for rich food or simply body type. Do you want to know a secret? Guess what, body shapers are the solution. This Black Friday, buy at least a couple of cheap shapewear to flatten out any bulges. This one has a  zipper and has an open crotch which means visiting the ladies room is super easy. It has etachable and adjustable straps which makes it convenient to use.

I hope I have been able to motivate you all in some way. I constantly work on myself and try to spread positivity. Let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Thank you for these super informative tips. Have a great day.