How to motivate yourself to workout?

by - 10/12/2022


We all know how important is working out. But the most challenging part (unless you are a fitness freak) is getting started. But as you know, the journey of a thousand miles begins with that one single step. And when you just start, the rush of endorphins is the greatest reward and motivation to get going. Once you get into the groove, then there is no looking back. I am definitely not one of them as I hardly ever get the time to workout and have to push myself to even take a walk. However, I am a pro when it comes to motivating my patients. So here are a few tips how I do so:

1. Treat yourself to new, cute workout clothes. What we wear can make us feel either super confident or just drab. And gym wear is no exception. Let go of those boring tees and leggings. Get yourself some snazzy wholesale sportswear. Ditch those browns and whites and get some cool colours like baby blue or lavender. And if you shy away from hues, you can show character through statement sports shoes.

These sportswear are available in co or sets which can be mixed and matched also. Beautiful pastel hues, you can get full leggings or can opt for biker shorts. These are seamless, which promises utmost quality and comfort while working out. These are skin friendly, does not give up while squatting and the elastic holds you in. You can use them for daily wear at home too.

2. Look at yourself naked in the mirror. I learned this from a very famous American influencer. She said this out and loud that looking at herself naked everyday in the mirror is her greatest motivation to workout. Believe me, I tried this (semi naked) and it is such an eye opener! The flaws stare at you so rudely that you are compelled to do something about it, whether it's clean eating or exercising or both.

3. Treat yourself after you workout. You may be running a really busy schedule with no time for self care or entertainment. Or rather, your schedule is so cramped that anything of this sort makes you feel guilty. Keep it as a reward for exercising. For example, if you do those crunches and burpees for 3 rounds, you get to watch your favourite series for half an hour. Or when you get into shape, you can always buy that body con top you had been eyeing!

And even if it does not fit you, you should not get demotivated. Every body is different and loses weight/inch loss at different paces.

But that does not mean you can't feel good! Invest in good wholesale shapewear. They tuck in in the right places and accentuate the other parts.

These are made of nylon and spandex, and their seamless design means that they are invisible under the clothes. Overlap gusset makes bathroom trip easier and the adjustable shoulder straps keeps you fit and comfortable.

4. Get a workout buddy. Keeping yourself accountable is the biggest motivator. Announce on your social media that you are going to exercise 5 days a week and ask your friends/followers to join. When you have to update regularly, you are bound to be regular.

Or if you are lucky, you can rope in your neighbour or college friend and you both can motivate each other to go for power walks or gym or home exercises. Of course you can always twin or complement each other in your gear. After all it's all about style right? You can also try some butt lifter shapewear to feel extra good. The thong style makes sure that no lines are visible and your natural curves are accentuated.

Do you work out regularly? What motivates you to do so? 


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  1. A regular workout is definitely something to incorporate in one's lifestyle. It is neccessary for a healthy life.. These are some really nice tips to motivate oneself to be consistent in your workout. Sandy N Vyjay

  2. a great workout dress could definitely help workout in a better manner and adding to the motivational levels. I like the choices you have shared here