The FitBit Meet

by - 8/26/2015

A meet on a weekday. As if Saturdays were off for me. I mean taking a leave on a Saturday is still okay but to take an off on Tuesday requires guts! The only reason why I did so was that I was interested in the FitBit gadgets! Too bad that they did not give out anything!

It was a meet in the first half. We arrived at the Oberoi Hotel at around half past ten and the ballroom was bustling with fellow bloggers and fitness experts! We had coffee and chatted for a while when the programme began. Entered the gadget guru Rajiv Makhni and the fitness expert of India, the editor of men's health magazine..Jamal Shaikh! We all gathered to take pictures with them. After that the stage was taken over by Archana Vijay. She was looking very beautiful in person.

With gadget guru Rajiv Makhni
Then began the Fitness saga. The Fitbit offers a range of wearable fitness gadgets from simple clip ons to elaborate ones like watches and weighing scales. They are pretty expensive...starting from around 4000 for the basic ones to 20 k for the watches (Fitbit surge). These gadgets can measure your heart beats, steps taken, calories burnt etc etc all round the clock! These things are the greatest motivators to become fit! Usually even during phone launches, they give out phones for contests. But they did not give even a clip on to the contest winners! Good that I was not one of the winners!
Archana Vijay hosting the show..
Fitness expert Jamal Shaikh
Anyways for the lunch the spread was pretty different. Nothing was Indian...I mean no naan or rice or chicken curry! It was a spread of multi grain sandwiches and rolls! I have to say I am not too fond of health conscious food! I love deep fried food ha ha ha :D

The afternoon ended rather abruptly as we had to rush back to work. I had promised to be back at my clinic by 2 30 but it was almost quarter past three when I reached there! Overall it was a nice break at the starting of the week!  

A selfie with Jamal Shaikh
The yummiest dessert!

Trying on the fitness cycle in high heels!!

Booties: Zara
Dress: Globus
Clutch: HnM

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  1. Nice booties!!!!

  2. Awesome presentation like the title and doll you looking fabulous.

  3. You look so gorgeous dear! I totally love your hair! :)

  4. Great presentation, I love your dress!

  5. Looks like a fun event. i love ur outfit.


  6. You look lovely! I miss these events here. :(

  7. I've been curious about the fitbit, thanks for sharing!

  8. Loved your picture trying cycle with heels :p

  9. Wow Mandira. Those heels are to die for. I'm glad you had a great time. I should workout too. I would if Jamal was my fitness instructor ;-) Happy Monday!

  10. I missed it.. Thanks for sharing :)

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