Kolimbithres Beach

by - 9/01/2015

Our first destination in the beautiful island of Paros was the Kolimbithres beach. Since we had a long day planned ahead, we did not waste any time as soon as we reached there. A quick dip in the pool followed by hunting for bike. In order to save time, we decided to do that simultaneously. I swam in the beautiful pool of our Casa de Roma while hubby went to rent a bike.

This whole episode was supposed to take place very quickly. But gradually I realised I had been in the pool for too long. Hubby had not turned up yet. 

Eventually I got tired of swimming, sun bathing, playing etc. Suddenly I got alarmed. Was he alright? Was he safe? This tiny, sparsely populated island was giving me jitters. After all it was just our 3 rd day in Greece. Every sound of a motor bike would bring hope in my eyes.

My mind was brimming with ominous thoughts when suddenly I heard him call me 'jana!!' I sighed in relief. Apparently the renters were refusing to accept his licence written in Hindi. Uttar Pradesh and its strange policies. Thankfully after banging his head at around four shops, he got lucky the fifth time. But that is not the end of the story.

I quickly changed and hopped on as his pillion when suddenly He felt his pockets. Where was his wallet? Hell broke loose. Not only his wallet had the Euros, Dollars and Indian rupees but lots of credit cards and other important papers. Not to the forget the bike rent agreement too!

Without losing a second, we sped towards the bike rental shop. What if he had left it there? We broke a law as we went in the wrong direction on a one way road. Who cared? We were dead scared about other things.

As soon as we reached, the owner approached us and started chanting 'You are very lucky ' and waved the rent agreement paper. Apparently his wallet got dropped on the way to our hotel. The person who found it saw the rent agreement and handed over the paper to his owner. The owner and hubs then went to that man to retrieve his wallet. We were indeed very lucky.

The story does not end here either. I bought a floater. You would spot them in every post after today's one. The way to Kolimbithres beach was slightly uphill and our bike broke down. Again, fortunately it happened in front of an office.  The people there were so sweet that they called up the bike shop. Again a man came with another bike and changed ours. In the meantime, we played around with a BMW bike!!

So after such a saga we reached Kolimbithres. The rocky beach was worth every pain we undertook!! 

BMW bike...hubs wanted to bring it home!!

Rocks and more rocks....

Thanks for the free parking!!


My idea of vacation...I have utilized every penny of this floater!

Cover up: From Goa
Purse: Shoppers stop

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  1. How cute are the pictures looks like so much fun.

  2. What fun beach photos! I wish I was there now!

  3. O boy! Nice place and amid the mis-adventure u had all fun! Great pics and nice post :-) Keep writing!

  4. Beautiful pictures and great place!

  5. Omg I'm so glad hubby got the wallet back. You were lucky indeed. He looks like a Bollywood star on that bike. I can see why he wanted to bring it home. Apart from the drama it looks like you had a great time. Happy Thursday Mandira :D


  6. Seems like you had a fun vacay! I'm soo glad that your husband got his wallet back. Lovely pics here.

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  7. Oh, how I miss vacations :)

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  9. Mesmerizing pictures as always... <3 Fun time for you...