September wishlist

by - 9/15/2015

As you all know, Durga Puja is just around the corner. That means a week long party time and I need at least ten new outfits! Well I don't know how I would be able to complete all this. So I am setting up one outfit at a time. 

While browsing through the web I came across cn I had never heard about it before and I must say I was pretty amazed by the huge amount of products they offer and that too at such low prices! Straight from the runway I chose a chloe lookalike purse, Valentino look alike rockstuds ( splurge $1000, lookalikes $11), a beautiful neon yellow bib necklace and a mint chiffon dress. One day's outfit is ready for sure! 

                                               September Wishlist

You can shop my favourites here:

So hop onto to cn and shop all the designer look alike products at the lowest possible rates!

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  1. Like the selection especially the handbag I like collecting handbags

  2. In love with the bag :D

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  3. Such a nice wishlist, love the necklace so much, such a nice style :) Bonjour from France, *-*Sand.*-*

  4. Great wishlist! Love shoes.

  5. Wow they have awesome lookalikes. I love the heels and bag. Checked out the site. They are really affordable :D Happy hump day Mandira!

    xx /

  6. Great pics!!!! Lovely shoes!

  7. Nice wishlist! Valentino rockstud is in my wishlist too.

  8. Yeah!! Pujo shopping...great picks, Mandira... :-D