First Rakshabandhan

by - 9/05/2015

I am a single child. Not that it is something that I am sad about; I have always got the sole attention of my parents. I have been pampered to the hilt and have always been the element of envy for my friends. But there used to be a single day in the entire year when I used to feel the poorest. That day used to be Rakshabandhan. Yes this very beautiful day when every girl waited for the gift from their brother and every boy waited to have a wrist full of rakhis! How I wished I had a brother!

After I got married I was deeply touched by the strong bond my husband shared with his elder sister. Similarly he loves both his nephews with all his heart. Just because they are his darling sister's issues. Sometimes I even felt that he would never be able to love his own baby like this because his heart was already full with his sister and his two nephews. The younger one is too naive to understand the complexities of human relationship. The older one though only nine years old now (he was four when I met his 'mama') always used to feel the void of a sister.

When I was expecting, he asked his 'mama' to get a sister for him. Maybe God had listened to him, we got blessed with a daughter. Our joy knew no bounds. Especially our older nephew, who was very excited at the arrival of his sister!

Last year my daughter was only four months during Rakshabandhan. We sent rakhis to both of her brothers. This year, she is seventeen months old and old enough to understand the fun of celebration. When came up with this wonderful #SelfieWithSibling Contest, I got excited to share my daughter's first Rakshabandhan story. So what if I don't have a brother? My daughter is an integral part of me and she soaking in sibling love fills the void in me.

We drove all the way to Rishikesh ( they are doctors at AIIMS Rishikesh) to celebrate Rakshabandhan. It was an awesome afternoon, something I would never forget. Our older nephew, Tejas was excited that his wrist would be adorned by rakhi by his very own sister for the first time; the younger one and my daughter were elated to find so many pastries and light flashing rakhis ( toys for them) all around. The three kids were so happy that I felt that I celebrated my first Rakshabandhan ever!

Mohi's (read my) first Rakshabandhan with Ojas
Happiness is all about sharing and celebrating with family :)

A modern Rakshabandhan spread...Ironman, Pikachoo and Doraemon rakhees, pastries in place of sweets!

Tejas excited to get his first Rakhee tied!

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  1. The kids looks great and so do you.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Great celebration!

  3. Amazing post! I love your pics! :)

  4. Beautiful family!

  5. What a beautiful tradition. Never heard of it before :)

    My kind of joy shop -

  6. What a beautiful tradition to teach the importance of fraternity and family. I only have one sister, and I just wish we did this in my country!

    Natalia | Lindifique

  7. Aww that was so touching and sweet. God bless all.

  8. Congrats dear :) and thank u for letting me know of the win.