by - 8/25/2014

Yesterday I was flipping through an international travel magazine. Yes I know, I have time to do such stuff because I haven taken a break from my clinic for the past three months. So when my naughty infant goes to sleep, I find time to read after finishing the household chores and playing dress up!! Nowadays I have much fewer clothes to try on as most of them wont fit me!! I am not buying many oversize stuff in the distant hope of getting back to my pre partum self. God knows when..phew!! Anyways that does not stop me from buying small size clothes. My husband does not let me buy anything new that fits me right now. So my pile of S size new clothes is getting bigger and bigger!!

Coming back to the magazine, there were listings of luxurious hotels all over the world. I was reading in the hope that maybe I might have stayed in one of those!! Yipee!! Hotel Ambre of Mauritius was listed too!! Then I was reading the Indian section. All the obvious hotels were listed...JW Marriot, Park Hyatt, Le Meridien etc in the metros. But one name that popped my eyes was Hotel Ganga Kinare of Rishikesh!!

When I went to this last year, little I knew that it would make its way to an international magazine!! No doubt I loved every bit of it and I had rated it 5 on Trip Advisor, but its feature gave me immense satisfaction.

As the name suggests, this hotel is situated on the banks of the river Ganga in Rishikesh. As Rishikesh is the hub of yoga and holistic living right now, this place is apt for 'discovering spirituality'!! Though I truly believe that the road to inner self does not require any particular place, it can be achieved right at your doorstep. But in today's world of glamorization and commercialization, people are looking for ways to squander and the businessmen are exploiting that!!

I loved this hotel not because of its perfect yoga ambience...I can do Yoga in my balcony!! The fact that being situated right on the ganga bank, the sound of its ripples enchants you continuously. Also the beautiful decor and the scrumptious food would make anyone fall in love with this place!!

the river Ganga flowing below. The lights of the city Rishikesh glittering .....
a delicious meal at the restaurant...

I was in love with this wall!!

Right on the bank of the Ganga...

entering the spa for a little pampering...

every girl deserves to be pampered...right!!

loved the calm decor...

loved the calm decor...

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  1. Beautiful Hotel! Great pictures!

  2. Lovely photos as always! you look great in red! <3

  3. You look gorgeous! Perfect skirt and clutch. Love the whole look!

  4. Awesome...this looks like a cool place...will try to make it here once.


  5. Lovely pictures, your skirt is gorgeous!

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  7. Cute clutch :) M&MFASHIONBITES