ancient AJMER

by - 8/21/2014

There are so many unanswered questions in life. Is it just me or others feel it too? Well I don't know. Since I am a stay at home mom for the past five months, ( omg its five months already!!) I have ample time to ponder on stupid questions like this!!

I have always been a homebody. I have always lived with my parents. Never been a rebel; its always home from school, then to dance classes, music classes, playtime and then back to home. Never stayed at hostel away from parents. My Dad has been so overprotective that he never allowed me to go on college trips with my friends. According to him, parents who let their kids go have dozens of children; he only has one!! Well, even before I finished medical college, I got married during internship owing to my husband's persistent persuasion. Hence I got married very young and therefore from my parents' home it was my husband's. So never lived independently!!

Sometimes my husband accuses my type A personality to be a result of not leading a dorm life. I am such a cleanliness and organisation freak that it freaks him out!! He says that if I would lived with friends, my personality would have been a lot different and relaxed!! Well I don't know. I simply don't know whether it would have been better or worse!!

So for a girl like me who had always travelled the world with parents, lost a part of their authority and control when I got married. Shortly after marriage, I had the opportunity to have a girls alone trip. There was an examination which was supposed to be conducted in Ajmer, rajasthan. I had been to Rajasthan twice with my parents. But somehow this trip was very different from the previous ones. My over possessive husband somehow had to let me go with my friends as he did not have any leave to accompany me. Anyways, its a trip which I would always remember as the planning, reservation, research etc was entirely on my own!!

the serene Anna sagar lake

girls having fun at the Anna Sagar lake

the desert flora begins...the signature date palm trees...

the scribbled walls of Soneji ki nasiyan, a Jain temple

Soneji ki nasiyan, a jain temple

A trip to Ajmer is incomplete without visit to the Dargah. Super crowded, its a task to get clicked there!!

Yummy food for dinner!!

The last day of the trip, in front of the Ajmer museum

gang of girls in an autorickshaw!!

the beautiful architecture of Ajmer railway station

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  1. Stunning outfit amazing place.

  2. Lovely Pictures ..Location and you <3

  3. I love the first pictures! Beautiful top!

  4. It has indeed advantages and disadvantages to grow up in a protective childhood. Thanks a lot that you are writing so honest about this and I understand your thoughts really. I thank your further for sharing your nice pictures from the former trip <3 Wish you only the best.

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  5. Eu também vou falar com você flor, eu sou caseira, nunca fui rebelde como você, e agora estou casada aí que fico muito em casa mesmo rsrs, mas o blog e meu canal preenche essa falta de sair, gostei do seu post linda e que belo lugares que você foi.
    Olha tem post novo de um aparelho que dá CHOQUE no rosto poderia me visitar?

  6. How cute is this look?! I love everything about it! That skirt is so flattering and your sandals totally complete the entire outfit. Lovely!

  7. Beautiful looks and photos. Glad you enjoyed your trip. I don't think the dorm life would have changed you and in my humble opinion it's great to be clean and organized. Happy Monday pretty!!

  8. Nice to hear you still remeber it.. even after travelling soooo much <3 .. wish we cud have more of RPSCsss ;)

  9. Good one. Keep your passion always up. Thanks for sharing your trip. Check out best 5 star hotels in Ajmer also.

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