Holidays in the sun

by - 8/19/2016

So you all know that I am a summer person. I just hate piling up on clothes! So even during winters, I am hunting for some beach location. This summer, the situation was however different. We came back from the longest vacation of our lives and it was not an exclusive summer destination! We were two days in Holland and believe me Amsterdam and the countryside was freezing! Okay not freezing but it was raining non stop and all the people were in heavy coats except for us! (We did not pack any) The next fourteen days were in Italy which had a varied climate. While Rome and Tuscany were burning hot during the daytime, it was pretty cool under a shade. Florence's temperature dipped during evening and the fellow travellers took out their woolens. However in Venice, Cinque Terre and Bari, it was really chilly during the morning and evening. In fact it rained so much in Venice that we were literally sun bathing by the Grand Canal when the sun came out! This kind of activity we do during winters in Delhi!
The gorgeous Neemrana Fort
Anyways just because I came back from such cold weather without having caught a flu, that does not mean I am over the heat. I look forward to more such warm vacations! I especially reminisce our first summer vacation after I became a mother. It was a short yet very beautiful getaway in Neemrana Fort. I was desperately in need of a break and  Neemrana had everything to cheer me up!

It was a lovely road trip to Alwar. The broad NH 8 surrounded by the Aravallis and desert gave me a 'Nevada' kind of feeling. It took around four hours to reach there (pit stop included) and after we arrived, my happiness knew no bounds. The fort was perched on top of a hill and the site was pretty impressive even from the parking area!
After we freshened up, we set to explore the rest of the property. It was the perfect amalgamation of heritage, good maintenance and spectacular views. Alwar could be seen from the top. There were huge doors, cannons and other artifacts that would take you back to the Rajput era. There were well manicured lawns and colourful flowers too which gave a respite from the arid desert vibe.
We particularly enjoyed the evening high tea where we got to sip in style in a private room. This getaway was the perfect remedy for my post partum blues!

Delicious high tea

After Neemrana, the second vacation after we became parents was in the same year itself and it was none other than Goa! Though it was in November but this travellers' paradise is temperate throughout the year! After browsing through many hotels in Goa we decided to stay in two properties for a diverse in Anjuna and the other in Calangute.

Chilling out in Goa!
We had every kind of adventure in Goa. From trying all the adventure sports to falling off from our bike when a fellow biker hit us, we had experienced the worst and best. The end was however when I twisted my ankle in my heels and ended up in a wheelchair. Even after all these, that trip remains one of the most memorable ones. After being all around the world, the most memorable ones are those back home!

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