Red Beach Akrotiri, Santorini

by - 8/09/2016

Red sand and the blue Aegean Sea
Remember the mesmerising song Meherbaan from Bang Bang movie? Its no secret that it had been shot entirely in Greece, Santorini and Mykonos to be precise. The first part of the song is in Fira and Oia; and we specifically took pictures in the exact same locations. I not only love this song but Hrithik and Katerina are looking sizzling hot against the backdrop of these gorgeous locations. The second part of the song has been shot here at the Red Beach. I am confident that the shooting had been done early morning because the otherwise bustling beach is absolutely deserted n the song. The best part that I loved about Greece is the abundance of daylight hours. Morning started at half past five and darkness struck at around quarter to nine in the evening. WE Indians are not at all used to so much of daylight! I don't know what happens in winters but I thoroughly enjoyed my time. I could take pictures without the pressure of sunset creeping in!

It was our third morning in Santorini. Red Beach was on our itinerary. It was quite far from where we wee staying in Perissa and hence we started early. Red Beach comes under Akrotiri district; the Minoan Bronze Age Settlement. It is famous for its excavations and hence of utmost archaeological importance. It was destroyed during a volcanic eruption. Red Beach and white beach are two beaches which are accessible by both land and sea. Some prefer a boatride to this beach, while others like us who have their own conveyance prefer it by land.
A rocky climb to the red beach..

The Red beach is indeed a hidden gem tucked into the lap of Volcanic hills. The sand is red; reminiscent of volcanic origin. The way is tough uphill and downhill walk with many danger zones in between. There were many tourists who got scared of the climb and left after shooting a glance from the top. We were not faint hearted; whatever was in our itinerary was meant to be conquered.
After the strenous task, I was happy to see the sea. It was just eight in the morning and the sand was scalding hot. When I jumped into the water, it was icy cold.

We took turns in swimming. When the hubs went into the water, he was facing me when I was taking pictures. Suddenly I realised that a big wave was coming. Before I could warn anyone, it crashed and flooded everything that was on the beach....everyone's towels, sunbeds, belongings....and we were shocked! The swimmers were gasping for breath. It was such a funny as well as alarming situation that I did not know whether to laugh or cry. All our things were wet. Relieved that the camera was in my hands.It was really hilarious.
Hubby just before being knocked off by the waves..
That is not the end of our ways. While going back, we climbed a hill which gave a 360 degree view of the Aegean Sea. The wind was s strong that it tried to blow my hat. When I tried to hold it, the wind knocked me off! The surface was so rocky that I got bruised badly on my left leg. Hubby threatened to take all my accessories away :( There are still scars! Phew so many pains of a traveller/blogger! My overenthusiasm always lands me in trouble :D
The sequence of my hat flying away and retrieving it back! A sweet Turkish man took this pic...

Hot Burning black sand

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  1. Such an adventurous trip this turned out, waves knocking u off n then the wind.
    BUt it was all worth it at the end.


  2. Nice place, good people, great food and some adventure in life, what else someone can ask for.

  3. Great pictures :)

  4. i was there and i loved it, great pics

  5. A wonderful trip you had together. I loved the high spirits exuding from the pics you have shared... :-)