Monolithos, Santorini

by - 8/12/2016

Saluting the Greek Flag..
After Kamari, we were on our way to Monolithos. Just like Perissa, Perivolos and Kamari, Monolithos was on the Eastern coast of Santorini.The way to the beach was a very picturesque one (as if other routes were not). Not only the countryside was beautiful but we were crossing vineyards after vineyards on the way. Grapes is not something that meets my eye in Delhi. I am obsessed with the colour green and grapes is the best looking fruit according to me (strawberry and dragonfruit too).
Got down from the bike to touch the grapes!
\Picking grapes on the way..
I stopped on a lot of farms on the way to fondle the tender grapes. The harvesting season is September and hence in July they were unripe and immature. We were wondering how these tender vines survive the crazy wind and ferocious sun. We were exhausted by both of these natural forces!

The Monolithos beach was a very wide one. Monolithos means single rock. Maybe the name came from the fact that a huge piece of rock was adorning on side of the beach across the road. The sand was not as black as Perisaa or Kamari but was hot nonetheless. Most of the people sea bathing here were nude. It was not a nude beach but the first beach of this kind for me.
Wide and rocky beach...
According to me Monolithos is the best beach to swim. There are no rocks to hurt you in the water and the water is super comfortable. Part of it maybe because it was afternoon so the water had warmed up. Anyways this place will remain on the top for swimming in entire Santorini.

After having a blast in the crisp water, it was time to leave. The most awaited destination of my life was awaiting...Fira. On the way back we spotted an abandoned settlement in midst of the huge hill. First it looked spooky but then I gathered up my courage and took pictorial evidence. Satisfied from the great swim, we were feeling as fresh as a daisy. The most beautiful spot of Santorini awaited us.

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  1. I've never been to any nude beach, maybe this one will excite me sometime 😊
    Just kidding!

    Your love for travel is like mine, enjoy every bit of it.

  2. Grapes require hot humid weather that makes them more sweet but not sweeter than the people we meet.
    I like beaches specifically sand beaches and not a big fan of rock once. But it seems you can enjoy both here.

  3. I want to go grape picking! So cute and fun.

    XO, Jessi

  4. Picking grapes must be an exotic experience for you... loved the pictures, dear... :-)

  5. Love your skirt and splendid pictures...