What to wear to a wedding

by - 8/18/2016

Okay loves for us Indians, the wedding season is right at our doorstep. Unlike the West, we people like to get married when the weather is pleasant or a bit on the colder side. In fact you can see girls flaunting their bare backs even in the thick of Delhi winters! Oh what can we do? Any level of pain can be taken for the sake of fashion! So many of my friends are getting married this year end and I have a lot of outfit planning to do!

Now coming to what to wear. We all girls swear by the line: A closet full of clothes yet I have nothing to wear! There are so many ceremonies in an Indian wedding. I would skip the main wedding day and concentrate on other yet important ceremonies like cocktail dinner or reception for now.

A Western outfit is perfect for the cocktail night or Reception. You can dance and drink as much as you like! Shaking booty becomes a bit difficult in a floor grazing Lehenga or saree. So here's what I have picked up for my coming friend's reception. I found this amazing site TBDress.com  which has everything that I want!

 Dress: You can find it here.
A lacy dress in a jewel tone. Green has always been my favourite colour and emerald has emerged as my new party favourite.

Pumps: You can find it here
Embellished with pointy heels. Perfect for an elegant party!

Clutch: You can find it here
Since blue goes so beautifully with green, I chose this clutch in a complimentary jewel tone.

Watch: You can find it here
An elegant silver watch. Period.

Necklace: You can find it here
Again blue jewelry to go with the rest of the outfit.

Earrings: You can find it here
Two hearts in blue representing the essence of the wedding!

Bracelet: You can find it here
Again an elegant blue and silver piece to complement the emerald dress.

What do you think about this party look?

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