Hello Netherlands!

by - 8/23/2016

Just arrived at the Schiphol (Amsterdam) Airport
After a travel parched period of five months (last vacation was in Dalhousie in February and it was a very short one) we set off for the longest vacation of our lives. Our last international trip was in July 2015 and my passport was craving for another stamp. I was hungrily looking forward to this two week journey. It was the longest vacation of our lives till date. But fate had something else planned for us.

Just like last year, we planned to leave our daughter with our parents, Just before the day of our departure, my paternal grandma became gravely ill. She was so serious that my father had to leave immediately for Bengal leaving my mom with my daughter. Now that was really alarming. My grandmother was critically ill and that meant the absence of my father here for an indefinite period.

Now what? Hubs suggested on cancelling our trip. My mom could not possibly handle my naughty daughter all alone! But mom was insistent. She said that she could not accept lakhs of hard earned money going down the drain! Everything had been booked and it was non refundable!

With a heavy heart, we left for our trip. It was a ridiculously rainy day. Our entire neighborhood was in knee deep water. One of our sweet neighbours dropped us to the station. Taking the road on this kind of rainy day could have never let us reach the airport. Thankfully we took the metro and reached the airport on time. My inlaws joined in few days after our departure to support Mom. Anyways as soon as we reached Terminal 3, somehow all the stress back home vanished and I was overburdened with the stress of being away from home for two weeks!

All set to proceed for immigration with boarding pass and passport in hand...India see you in a while! Excited for Netherlands!
The trip got off to an awesome start with some serious shopping at Victoria's Secret!
After we got our boarding passes, I did my bit of shopping. Hubs did not sleep two nights before (he was handling patients at the hospital) and neither did I (I had packing to do!) While I browsed the innumerable shops, Hubs snored for sometime.

Goodbye India for two weeks!
We boarded our flight at 3 in the morning. All the rush from shopping vanished as soon as I slid into my chair. We were travelling by the Royal Dutch Airlines KLM and I was deep asleep within no time. 
It was 3 in the morning and I was awake two nights before...So just dozed off immediately!
Right after boarding, they served a midnight snack which I missed as I deep asleep.
Delicious knick knacks at 3 AM! Midnight snack in true sense..
I woke up after a few hours and watched Mothers Day. I especially like ensemble casts and when its a Garry Marshal movie with Julia Roberts, its a must watch for me! 
Watched 'Mothers' Day' which I had longing to see since long...along with my breakfast...
Finally after being in the air for nine and a half hours, we landed in Schiphol Airport! I was immensely excited to explore Amsterdam and the Dutch countryside! The next day we were flying to Italy, our main destination. So our luggage did not get disembarked here at Amsterdam. Initially we were scared of losing our checked in bags but we were assured by the officials that we would receive them as soon as we land in Rome. This saved our cloak room charges. However we explored entire Amsterdam with all our hand baggages in the midst of rain and cold wind! 

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