Santo Wines, Santorini

by - 11/25/2016

My father is a teetotaller. He has never tasted even a drop of alcohol. That being said his colleagues have always tried to trick him into slipping him liquor into his fruit juices. My first encounter with wine was at his party only; when I was with my parents. I have immensely respected my dad for his firm practice. I respect all the guys who are not into the alcohol rut. However I never expected my partner to be like my Dad.
The three main crops of volcanic Santorini: grapes, tomatoes and beans
When I met my would be fiancé/ husband, on further conversation I learnt that he had never tasted alcohol in his entire life. Being a non alcoholic medico that too a surgeon is itself commendable. I mean the life threatening stress, long working hours and the continuous misery of patients compels the doctors to resort to alcohol as a method to blow off the steam. I was absolutely floored by this habit of his and knew immediately that he would be a responsible partner.
Being the daughter of a total teetotaller and wife of the same breed, its strange that I have a thing for fine drinks. I mean more expensive, the merrier. I love champagne and red wine and rose and always make it a point to taste the native drinks of whichever place we are visiting. But having said that drinking for me is just a few sips. I can’t intake more than that :D Fortunately neither my dad had has forbidden me doing so and nor my husband. I have been able to follow my heart everywhere.
I find grapevines absolutely beautiful!
Greece is the land of wines and other alcoholic products. The wines of Santorini are world famous. The vines there grow all over the ground instead of the frames here in India or Italy. It is believed that the volcanic soil imparts immense acridity to the grape juice which makes the wines of Santorini world famous.
I had never seen so many grapevines at one place and that too by the picturesque caldera!
As soon as we had entered Santorini, we could spot grape vines all over the place. There are just three crops in this entire volcanic island: grapes (of course), special type of tomatoes and beans. And these three crops are unique to this island. Since I am fond of wines, I have a thing for winery too. There are many wineries on this island (obviously) but the largest and the most famous is the Santo Winery. The second best is the Boutari Winery. All the wineries are mainly in Pyrgos village. Several buses arrive here with loads of tourists from Fira everyday.
Preparation for Wine tasting...
On our third morning after our excursion to Red beach, we headed towards the Pyrgos Village. The Santo wines was rather huge. It was luxurious. One entire side of the hall was coverd by glass that overlooked the caldera. Sunsets are best witnessed while sipping wine here. The package consisting of the winery tour and wine tasting was rather expensive; there was no point in paying for two as the second platter would go waste. I can hardly drink an entire glass of strong wine; leave alone two entire platters :D
Gorgeous views of the caldera from inside the winery
In the hope of being able to pay for just the tour, we headed to the Boutari winery. That was a beautiful place too. However the next slot for the tour was after one and a half hours. A tourist never has that amount of waiting time. So after exploring the place, we left for Oia. I would consider the trips to the wineries the most economic yet satisfying in our entire iterinary!
Having a great time at the Boutari winery

The Boutari Wine cellar
Dress Globus
Purse Shoppers Stop
Pumps: Shoppers Stop

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  1. These photos are so cute!! Love it girl!! You always go to the most unique locations..makes me want to travel even more! I'm a big fan of wine, so this would be the ultimate location for me :)

    XO, Jessi

  2. Loved your outfit...looking so cool!

  3. Lovely place, I heard of it a lot! This summer I went to Santorini but I didn't go there, next time! ;) Thanks for your comment in my blog, would you like to follow each other?:)

  4. WOW..ur outfit is so gorgeous.
    N Vineyards are my happy place.