Tank tops and T shirts for women

by - 11/20/2016

Today's outfit post is about BEWAKOOF. Okay so how cool is this T shirt for women and tank top?

Men don't be upset, there is stuff for you too! For Men they have a Collection Of "Men'sT-Shirt", "Shirts for men", "Pajamas for Men", "Denim Jeans", "Sweatpants" & "Sweatshirt".

Of course for women they have a collection of "T-Shirt Dress", "Crop Tops", "Women's shorts" & "Sweatshirts for women".

Moving on, since this post is about, I decided to throw some light on some bewakoofiyan I committed during the process of blogging. For the uninitiated, Bewakoof means foolish and bewakoofiyaan means foolishness or mistakes.

We all commit mistakes in life. Mistakes are the best teachers. We should learn from our mistakes but we should not live with them forever. There are so many spheres of life in which we behave silly.  Since here I talk about blogging, I decided to come up with the mistakes I did initially.

This blog started as a hobby and still is. I have a full time job. However t feels nice to collaborate once in a while. I started blogging way back in 2013. I knew nothing about blog design back then. I just decided to open a blog on Blogger and start writing.

  • . I did not add a Contact Me option. I never knew that adding my email was necessary. It was after one and a half years I did. And when I did, invites for various events started pouring in.

  • . I started my blog on Blogspot. I however don’t consider a mistake. I love Blogspot and feel that it’s the most user friendly option. However experts say that Wordpress is the best platform for bloggers. I had the option of importing all my contents into Wordpress when I made my site a self hosted one. But I was so used to the simplicity of Blogspot that I switched back after three days of use. However if I would have started on Wordpress, I would have been used to its complexities right from the start.
  • . I did not and still don’t network. I mean network is the key aspect of blogging. I know hundreds of bloggers who don’t have meaningful content but are way higher in ranking just because of excellent networking. I actually don’t know how to do it. Partly because I am an introvert and partly because I have so many inhibitions.
  • I promoted brands for free. I know, money is not everything but when you don't get credits for what you do, then its not worth doing it.

To conclude, even though I am not a full time blogger but I am very happy the way my blog has shaped up in the past three and a half years. Its my baby, its my first born and nurture it with lots of love and care.  So I hope to entertain you with my babbling and anecdotes for years to come. Suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcome.

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