My love for handicrafts

by - 11/24/2016

My love for handicrafts goes a long way. I love them for their intricate work, uniqueness, colours, etc etc. Since they are not made by machines, each piece is unique. Also since they are not a factory production on a large scale, handicrafts support the small scale and cottage industries. Therefore I not only adore looking at them in shops and exhibitions but also prefer buying them over any machine artifacts.

When you speak of Indian handicrafts, there is an ocean of their variety. I mean from apparel to pottery, cookware to home decor, there is not a home section subcategory which is not catered by handicrafts. So from glamorizing my home with tiny artefacts to using them in my kitchen, I endorse handicrafts.

I have rounded up few of my favourite items which I love for my home.

The typical aluminium tea kettle may have died an anonymous death but that does not mean its extinct! I love the kettle whether for decorating my kitchen or even serving tea! However I prefer a glammed up kettle like the above one. Find this here.

I am fond of entertaining friends at home. So I look for unique serving pieces whether cups, trays or spoons. This tray is an exquisite piece of art. Find this here.

The sound of water is soothing to the ears under every circumstances. Also a water element is supposed to be auspicious. Well I am not at all into superstitions and baseless faiths. But I love a small fountain in my living room nonetheless. Find this here.

Its not a secret anymore that I am obsessed with lamps. Floor lamps, table lamps, study ones, sconces, etc etc. I somehow can't control my urge to buy them. I have at least a hundred in my home and I am still craving the above one! Find this here.

What is cuter than a set of miniature vessels? Nothing! I love the colour, shape and their paintings. Find these here.

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  1. The colors are amazing the design I have to agree handicrafts it something special about them from a created talented hand.