The Novotel Airport Hotel Hyderabad

by - 11/10/2016

Did  I  mention that I am fond of fancy hotels? Well who does not Duh! However when you are a frequent traveler then fancy  accommodation is really expensive, escpecially abroad. But I spend hundreds of hours surfing the web to locate hotels which are lovely yet not so expensive. My criteria is pretty simple: A nice swimming pool, clean room and proximity to the city centre. Saying that, I never miss an opportunity to stay in a five star whenever possible.
The hotel decked up for the Tata Hexa Experience
Our last stay in a Five star hotel was in The Lalit, Jaipur. Last month my stars got lucky and I got to experience an all expense paid trip for the first time. I was chosen among 60 bloggers from  all over India to test drive the Tata Hexa in Hyderabad. Our accommodation was arranged in Novotel Airport Hotel Hyderabad, just a 10 minute ride from the airport.The choice was pretty obvious; it was very easy to commute to and fro from the airport during such a short stay.
room with goodies from Tata Motors

Apart from the beautiful pool facing rooms and impeccable hospitality, what I loved most is the staff. Hailing from Delhi, I think impoliteness is a part of the culture here. I mean the staff in Hyderabad was very sweet and helpful. I am always attending doctor parties and  events in Delhi five star hotels but I never find anyone sweet enough to leave a mark. Most of them are plain indifferent; operating like robots.
Moving on,  I got a chance to take a picture with Tollywood actress Regina Cassandra in the hotel lobby. The food was sumptuous and so were the other facilities. Like everywhere else, I swam like a mermaid. All the pent up stress was released. It was one very short trip but this trip to the city of Nizams, I would remember it for years to come!
With Tollywood actress Regina Cassandra ...She was really tall!
The sprawling swimming pool

Poolside at night..

Outside my room...

Dress: Next UK
Blazer Forever 21
Purse Louis Vuitton Annie GM
Neckpiece: Forever 21
Dodo sarong : From Mauritius

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  1. Hope you had an amazing trip babe!! Gorgeous travel pictures as always :) It's always such a hassle finding a good hotel that meets all your requirements right?!

    XO, Jessi
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  2. That pool by night seems so nice :)

  3. Lucky gal...the hotel looks amazing.


  4. Wow!amazing photo...........
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