Winter vacation

by - 11/27/2016

Winters may not be as popular as summers for vacationing. Partly because we don't have breaks in winter as long as we have in summers. But winters are the best time to go somewhere to escape the bitter cold. Actually it depends. If you are a sweater weather person, you may want to go somewhere even more cold. Or if you are like me, then you would always scoot to a tropical place irrespective of the weather. As 2016 is coming to an end, I am all prepped up for one last vacation of the year. The destination has been long on my bucket list and is one of the most beautiful places of India. 

I have a few favourite activities which I love to indulge in when on vacation. And those can be done specifically in warm weather.

I love to eat to my hearts content.

I love to swim. I can stay in water till my skin becomes so wrinkled that its unsightly!

I love to star gaze. Living in a city like Delhi whose sky is crowded with tall buildings and pollution, I hardly get the opportunity to do night watching. I love star lit sky. I can stare at them till they are blinded by the rising sun. Such things can't be done in cold weather.

As I am dreaming about my coming vacation, here are a few things that I plan to pack in my suitcase.

A maxi dress is a vacation staple. It can worn for dinners dates, lazying around, sight seeing or even as a swim suit cover up. Find this here.

Comfortable footwear: Sneakers are a must for walking or for sight seeing on foot. You cannot imagine strutting in high hills while you are on an excursion. These hearts are so cute! Find these here.
I am a total hat lady. I mean some people find it classy, some guys tease me and some compare me with Rachel of friends because of my obsession for hats. I don't care. I love them!  Find this here.

Even if its a tropical destination, any place tends to get chilly at night during winters. A leather jacket is a perfect cover up for those situations. Find this here.

When you are swimming and sea bathing for endless hours, our skin tends to face all the wrath, Its necessary to hydrate it deeply. Shea butter products do wonders. Find this here.

I am all set for my winter vacation!

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  1. Love the images you look amazing in that lovely stylish hat.

  2. Have a good time in India. I too would be vacationing at one of the 7 wonders of the world in the US 😊