Celebrating life

by - 11/10/2016

That day when I was watching SATC probably for the n th time, I was wondering about my insecure college days. We used to be a group of five in our medical college and we all were single and hopelessly romantic. We were waiting for our Prince Charming to arrive and sweep us off our feet just like the women in SATC wished! The only difference? We were just twenty while they were mid thirties!

Over the years we all have settled down. I was the first one to tie the knot followed by all of them. I fell in love and now have a daughter too. Similarly one of my best friends has also been blessed with a daughter while the rest are yet to be visited by the stork! We are lucky in the eyes of conventionally thinking people. However I am friends with a lot of independent, high earning girls in their 30s who are single. Some of them are waiting for their Prince Charming while some are happily single. I totally support the concept of being happy whether committed or not. For all those who are in search of love and are sad about it should remember that 'The most important relationship is the one which we have with oneself''. I don't want to sound narcissistic but its Yoga which has given us this teaching. Remember Charlotte's immortal words? Maybe our friends are soulmates and guys are just to have fun with?
Not everyone can be happy at all the time. Problems are a part of life. Whatever the setbacks may be, we should always look forward and celebrate life! There are so many things which you can do for the joy of being alive....cook a nice meal for yourself/ family/ friends, decorate your home or plan a fun photoshoot! 
While I usually don't talk about cooking here (though I am a passionate cook), I will share which I do best..taking pictures! Here's what all you need for a fun photoshoot:

1. Balloons: Any celebration or photoshoot is incomplete without balloons. Find tonnes of balloons here.

2. Party props: You can use masks, bunny ears and a whole lot of things to make your pictures beautiful. Find them here

3. Hair Accessories: From tiaras to flower crowns, decorate your hair. Find them here.

4. Cute slogans: Some phrases that speak your heart out. Find them here.

5. Last but not the least...a bunch of great friends to celebrate life with!

Image courtesy: Kraftly.com 

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