The Caldera, Santorini

by - 4/28/2016

caldera, Santorini, Greece
Hotel Petit Palace...a gorgeous boutique hotel overlooking the caldera

Our second day (and first morning) of Santorini started on a pretty bad note. We had plans of exploring this volcanic island the same way we did Paros...on a bike! There was a big bike rental just adjacent to our hotel Katerina and John. It was owned and run by John's son Mike. We had plans of renting a quad. The evening earlier we explored Perissa and Perivolos by foot and we had plans of renting the two wheeler for the next morning. As fate would have it, Mike refused to accept hub's driving licence. I have mentioned earlier in Paros post that since the registration was of Uttar Pradesh, it was written in Hindi. 

People found it difficult to decipher and hence rejected it. Hubs went to several other rentals and was turned down everywhere.
We were crestfallen. All our plans were kaput. Now what? Taxi? Bus? Taxi was wayyy too expensive. Buses were wayy too rigid. How were we supposed to explore now? 4 days in Santorini...all on a bus? Sad and dismal we proceeded towards the busstop.

The bus stop too was adjacent to our hotel; just like the beach, 24 hours bakery, departmental store, etc etc. The location of our hotel was too good. Anyways we waited for the bus to Fira, the capital of Santorini. It is the hub of every business transaction, transportation et al. Wherever we wanted to go, we would get the bus from Fira.
bus from Perissa to Fira
Trying to look cheerful while boarding the bus to Fira

We boarded the bus. The ticket was around 2.5 euro each. After 45 minutes of twists and turns we reached. I was in a state of shock that we were travelling in a bus. Hubs was still trying to convince me that he would find a solution in Fira.

The first rental we went into was run by a very pretty girl. I know all Greeks are pretty but she was beyond the usual. Maria, as she was known, agreed to rent a bike. Bikes in Fira cost more than twice than those in Perissa. Fortunately, she did not even take a look at the license; took it and took out a form for all the formalities. When she learnt that we were from India, she professed her love for Bollywood movies. Om Shanti Om was her favourite movie. Ironically we Indians did not like that movie that much unless a hardcore Shahrukh Khan fan. In midst the conversation all the formalities were fulfilled. Finally she handed over the keys. WE thanked our stars. We got a bike!
Fira scooter rental, Santorini
On the quad bike with pretty girl Maria

Then her father came out. He seemed to be quite strict. Thankfully we escaped confronting him. After a few pictures with pretty Maria and thanking her profusely, we set out for the first adventure of the day.

Our first stop was Kamari Beach. Staying in Perissa, Kamari was our neighbour with the huge rock Mesa Vouno in between. It was a long way to Kamari from Fira. We were constantly riding along the caldera. For the uninitiated, caldera is the huge trough that is formed after a volcano erupts and gets filled with water eventually. 

caldera, santorini, greee
View of the caldera

The caldera of Santorini is one of the most scenic landforms in the world. It has got the bluest of blue water and offers the iconic sunset of Santorini. The Greek government has made little spots on various parts of the caldera for sunset viewing. Those spots in turn have been commercialized by cafes and they offer wine and dine facilities by the sunset.

santorini Greece
Sunset with red wine
santorini Greece
Sunset view spots overlooking the caldera
The wind was tumultuous all along the ride. Crazy would be an understatement. Infact our bike swayed with the wind and it was difficult to navigate. The crazy wind knocked off a fellow traveller's parked bike at a photo op point. Luckily it was not ours! The hurricane like wind of Santorini is one of the most frightening as well as memorable experiences of my life till date.

hurricane in Santorini, greece
The craziest wind I have ever faced!

kamari Beach, Aegean Sea
All set for the ride!!

santorini, greece
The signature blue dome church of Santorini

santorini greece
Cute white washed cafes

Santorini greece
Self Timer mode
santorini greece
Trying to brave the crazy wind!

Sunnies: Aldo
Red Purse: Furla Candy
Neon Purse: Shoppers Stop
Skirt: from Philippines

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  1. You both are the cutest couple what an amazing place you made me laugh about boarding the bus lol.

  2. Too bad it was that windy. But Santorini seems so beautiful :D

    Ps: Hope you're feeling better now sweety!

  3. Lucky u got the bike.
    Santorini is so beautiful..i get more n more jealous with each post. :(



  4. I always enjoy coming to ur blog as ur fashion sense is very refreshing :)

    Classic Black n Gold


  5. Lovely holiday. You look amazing.

  6. Beautiful pictures with a lovely write-up... :-)

  7. gorgeous post

  8. Such a fun trip! Thanks for sharing girlie.

    XO, Jessi

  9. Wow...That's wonderful Mandira :) Santorini is a world popular shooting locale... The pics here remind me of one of my favourite songs - "Meherbaan" from the movie Bang Bang.

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