Think Big! Think beyond your parents' career!

by - 4/27/2016

Does the title ring a bell? Well have you been through the same situation few years back? At one point or the other all the parents want their children to follow their footsteps. Its not wrong though. However times have changed and so we need to change too! There is a huge world out there apart from IIT and AIIMS.

My dad is an engineer from a reputed university and my mom is a Literature scholar from Calcutta University. It was her dream to make me study from the same eminent university and follow her footsteps. I however chose to differ. I followed neither of their career and became a doctor. I wanted to become a physician right from childhood. Even my first Barbie was a Doctor Barbie. Now when I look back, I am really satisfied as to what I did with my life.

My parents were considerate enough to #thinkBIG. I was good in Mathematics so our neighbours tried to convince them that engineering would be best for me and my father would be there to guide me. Since I was academically very strong,people expected me to get into the top engineering college. They said I should definitely try for IIT. But my father said that there are so many options other than IIT or big Universities like Delhi University or Calcutta University. He wanted me to follow my heart.

I didn't inherit my college education from my parents and chose to become a doctor instead.
This is the new age. We have to break the stereotypes. Instead of following the age old tradition we need to explore the new. Sticking to the old norms is just like using a Siemens phone with antenna in this era of smartphones.Take the example of LPU. This university has hundreds of opportunities that would shape the tender future of children. Have a look at this video. Is not it touching?

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  1. I too have defied a few things. Thank for your comments. Would you like to follow each other?

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  2. That's a great thought. I did had similar situation in my life, where I thought I should follow my parents' dreams. That is a great posto to me.
    Thanks for sharing
    Maggie Dallospedale Fashion diary - Fashion blog

  3. Is good to follow your own dream and go for it. I believe your parents are so proud.