Perivolos, Santorini

by - 4/15/2016

Perivolos is the further extension of the black Perissa beach. WE started from the Perissa beach and then came a board that read Perivolos. The beach started with a deserted  wooden house. It was a unique house and I became really interested. WE frolicked around to take pictures. Suddenly a big built man appeared from the neighbouring pub and warned us sternly not to take pictures. We were taken aback for a moment. It looked like a deserted restaurant and was in the same line as others; so what could have possibly stopped us? Anyways we were shaken for a while (the man's voice still echoed in my ears) and slowly we moved forward. It was around half past nine and the sky looked like it was early evening. Back in Delhi nine thirty means pitch dark even in summers!

There were various cafes and restaurants with glaring music and glittering decor. Some of them were too tempting to resist. I wanted to dine in a place which provided such ambience. Unfortunately most of them were pubs and did not serve proper food. I was not willing to waste m appetite for just sandwiches just for the decor.

There were so many options to choose from. People were luring us with their special menus. Finally we stopped at Restaurant Perivolos. The lady inside told us that it is the oldest restaurant of Perivolos. That is why they could take the name of the beach itself. The hostess was the owner herself and her daughter. This place was at the end of the beach and the place screamed old school. I somehow got good vibes from the place. We decided to explore further and then come back if things did not work out.

After eyeing a few more places, we came back to the old Perivolos restaurant. The flooring was cobbled and the walls adorned various ancient artifacts. It was built at around late 1800.

I had been wanting to try the famous Greek Saganaki since I arrived in Greece. I found this place to be perfect for this dish. They did not serve vegetarian so hubs was just there staring at me while I gorged on Prawn Saganaki. It was lip smacking. Somehow I wished I had Bengali rice to accompany it. It was a bit acrid for my taste.

One thing that really fascinated me since I arrived in Santorini was the obsession with its map. The soap cover back at our hotel had the map of Santorini on it. Then all the paper napkins had the map printed on it. Even the table cloth of our restaurant bore the map of this island! I really salute the people and their love for their place!

It was quite late when I was done with savoring my Saganaki. We started going back. We were dead tired. The day had been a really long one. Wandering in Paros island, taking the ferry from Paros to Santorini , driving all the way from the port to Perissa (a really long drive) and then walking all through Perissa beach and Perivolos. I could not even get up from my chair to go back. When we reached our hotel, the starlit sky tempted me. The sky back in Delhi is polluted and full of sky scrapers. I never had seen such a beautiful night. We lay on the sunbed beside the pool and gazed at the serene sky. It was cold but I almost fell asleep. Then we went inside our room. Poor hubs skipped his dinner as he was too tired to eat :D

Perivolos Santorini
Rolling in the black sand of Perivolos beach
Perivolos Santorini
Playing with the setting sun...

Perivolos Santorini
A gorgeous wooden house from where we were driven away
Perivolos Santorini
It was an abandoned property but there seemed to be claimers!

Perivolos Santorini
Stopping at the hip bar

The first restaurant of Perivolos
Beautiful interiors

Greek food
Indulging in the delicious Greek prawn Saganaki....did you notice the map of Santorini on the table cover?
Dress: Vero Moda
Purse: Furla Candy
Lip color: MAC Candy Yum Yum

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  3. Very interesting post ... U look sexy :)

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  5. Nice narration and great pictures...the table cover with the map is unique!