Sunrise in Perissa, Santorini

by - 4/18/2016

There are a few things that compensates every grudge of mine. So what if my partner can't cook or help me with the housework? He is an incredible photographer. My blog would not be breathing if not for his photography. Secondly he is an awesome driver. He has an innate sense of direction that enables him to navigate flawlessly. I mean he studied google maps of Paros island and Santorini for long hours and that was not vain! I mean its really something driving in a foreign least for me. We never took the wrong route and were always speeding ahead of time!
Santorini is known for its sunset. Especially the one at Oia. However the picture perefct sunset is visible all along the caldera. Similarly no one speaks about sunrise. Hubs thought that since Perissa is one on the East side, then the sun must be rising from there!
The gorgeous sunrise of Santorini
It was our first morning in Santorini and we woke up at around five thirty and proceeded towards the beach. Perissa beach was 10 minutes from our hotel. It was dark when we reached the beach. We sat on the cold sand and waited for dawn to crack in. Apart from us, there were two more Oriental couples on the beach. We had the entire place to ourselves!

Just like a dream or a movie, the sun simply came out of the sea. It was a huge ball of fire with a contradictory calmness radiating from it. I had witnessed this kind of iconic sunset in Puri, Orissa but it was not this phenomenal. Hubs had fixed the bigger lens into his DSLR and trying to capture every moment of the sunrise. Planes flying in the sky made the pictures even prettier. I fiddled with my digicam and video shot the entire process. When the sun left the sea; as it rose after taking a dip, I realised that I and the rising sun had to be in the same frame. The silence all around with just waves crashing was incredibly peaceful.

I played around with the sun and jumped in the sea. The water was really cold. Suddenly we remembered our second love...Food! It was around seven now and we were hungry. We had a long day ahead and left for our hotel for some breakfast.

Did you notice the plane beside the sun?

Watch the gorgeous sunrise here.

Tunic : Zara
Sunnies : Aldo

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