The Black Beach of Perissa, Santorini


So we were finally in our dream destination Santorini. Where to begin now? We were staying in Perissa and by the time we were done with relaxing in our resort, it was six in the evening. (Not that you are supposed to relax on a tight adventure), by relaxing I mean taking a dip in the pool and soaking in the newly arrived land. WE were dead hungry. The best part of our resort was that everything was at a stone's throw distance. So we hopped to the bakery and grabbed a few delicious bites. I settled for all things chicken while hubs got a veg pizza for himself (thankfully). We later learned that bakeries in Santorini were open for 24 hours. That was a blessing for travellers like us who were looking for delicious cheap eats at any time of the day. We also took freshly squeezed orange juice which was of 2 euros.
Sipping freshly squeezed orange juice
After filling our stomachs we hopped into the departmental store nearby. I had plans of whipping up breakfast in Santorini to get a true apartment feel. While hubs took interest in all the exotic vegetables, I stocked up on cheese, bread, pasta sauce, green apples, etc etc. WE felt like true Greek residents :D
Perissa Black beach
Shopped to my heart's content 
After dumping our buy at the room, we left for Perissa beach. It was around half past seven and daylight was dwindling. Sunset takes place at around 8 45 in summers. The beach was just a hop away. The way to the beach was wild...tall grasses on both sides.

The volcanic sand felt too good to walk over. However it was burning hot during the daytime
When I caught the first glimpse of the beach, I was shocked (pleasantly)! The whole beach was black...literally black sand. Sand of volcanic origin. I had never seen anything like this before in my life. The sand granules were very coarse and they felt so good under the feet. I felt that I was having foot spa. Since it was late evening the sand was warm. During the day this volcanic sand can get so hot that it would burn your feet even if they are exposed even for a single second.

Perissa black Beach
Rolling on the Black Sand
I started rolling in the sand. My tired body got rejuvenated with the warm coarse sand massage. Since I already had swam in numerous places earlier during daytime, I was not dressed for swimming here. Three beaches in Paros island, our pool in Paros and the pool in our Perissa resort was enough for a day. But somehow I could control myself and jumped into the sea. The water was freezing.

The water was freezing in the evening!
After playing with the dwindling sun for sometime, we started walking towards Perivolos beach. I chose to walk through the water but my feet gave up after sometime. Then we took the sand route and finally the concrete route. The night was yet to begin.

I still can't get this black sand out of my mind!
Dress: Zara
Sunnies: Aldo
Accessories: Forever 21
Purse: Furla Candy



  1. How I need a vacation you always remind me both look amazing and relax great images.

  2. Stellar post! You look fantastic, such a gorgeous white dress - especially for spring!

  3. Great pictures! I would like to visit Santorini

  4. Beautiful pics...the black sand is indeed fascinating.


  5. Such beautiful pictures! I would like to visit Santorini

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