Goodbye Santorini

by - 12/19/2016

It was our fourth and last day in paradise. Our stay in Santorini had been pretty spectacular and fabulous. Though we did not even have a moment to relax, we enjoyed every moment spent in the volcanic island ..literally. As you know we were staying in the black beach of Perissa. Its true that the place closest to you gets the least importance. It often happens that you tend to ignore the special things that are closest to you. We however could not let that happen with our unique Perissa. We had explored this black beach (the first of our lives) on our first day in the evening. We had also witnessed the iconic sunrise from the Aegean Sea on this beach. So it had either been dawn or dusk here. Therefore for the daytime exploration, we had scheduled our last and final morning.
The port at Vlihada Beach...
Our first stop was a big church at the end of the Black Beach. The point where Perissa ended in Vesa Vouno and Kamari started. Churches in Greece (just like the flag and the homes) are very pretty. They have blue domes and whitewashed walls which look absolutely divine!
Then we started walking back. We had fathomed the length and breadth of the Black Beach. On our first day her I had spotted a hip looking restaurant. We had planned to have lunch there on our last day.
Our problem that day was very pathognomic of us. We were of course running late. We had our ferry back to Athens in the afternoon and then our flight to Istanbul. Missing the ferry meant dropping the idea of Turkey altogether. And the restaurant where I dreamt of having lunch was on the other side of Perissa almost adjacent to Perivolos. I wanted to drop the idea and have lunch in any of the hundreds of places that were nearby. But hubs wanted me to go there. Okay he being the guide, I had to abide by his wishes.
So we started walking fast...kept looking at our watches and kept walking. We did not even remember its name...all I knew was that it had a big gorgeous pool that was visible from outside. Finally I spotted the read 'The BLACK ROSE'.
It looked more like a bar. I wondered if they served proper food. I went over to the bar counter and requested for a menu. They served only sandwiches. I wanted to go somewhere else. But it was too late.
I decided to order a sandwich and soak in the fabulous ambiance. The place was surrounded by barren volcanic hills with a pool in between. There were straw huts all over. I requested the waiter to be quick while we took photos all over the place.
I had ordered a salmon bagette. I have had salmon before but when I dug a bite into it, I got a strange smell. When I opened it, it was RAW SALMON! Oh my Gawwd! I am a very experimental eater but raw fish is simply out my capacity! That is the reason I never have sushi! Now what? I could not even leave it! It was of 12 euros. For an Indian, 12 euro for a sandwich is HUGE!

I split the bagette into half and asked the waiter to pack it. For that time, I removed the salmon slices and gobbled up the first half. It was still stinking from raw fish but I had to anyway.

Next time I have to be really careful when I order salmon abroad!

Finally bade goodbye to heavenly Santorini!
Skirt: Forever 21
Top: kazo
Purse: Furla candy
Sunnies: Aldo

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  1. Simply a paradise... Love your hat!

    Madame X
    The Flower Duet

  2. What a peaceful perfect place to visit

  3. It looks breathtaking, wish I was there now.


  4. Beautiful pictures, as always, Mandira.

    The self-hosted new blog with a cool layout...loved this. Congratulations... <3

    have a wonderful Christmas time ahead with your lil' angel... :-)

    1. Oh..somehow I missed it, then. The new layout...anyway, it's never too late to appreciate good things... :-)

  5. Arrasando amei a postagem, tenha uma semana abençoada, obrigado pela visita.

  6. It always looks like you're having such an amazing time in your travels.. I'm so jealous! Hope your stay in Santorini had been amazing, and hope you have just as great a time during the holidays!

    XO Jessi,