Jal Mahal, Jaipur

by - 12/06/2016

It was our last day in the Pink city. We could not explore it as much as we would have wanted. Though I never planned to have a whirlwind tour (as we do with every trip), the ardent traveller in me was not satisfied. Maybe relaxing in a five star hotel with one or two sightseeing spots each day. But that did not mean that I got to sleep till late in the plush bed. I had so many things lined up.

However all my exploration plans were cut short when we woke up late. I still had to swim and indulge in a lavish breakfast before I could do anything else. The father daughter duo were still sleeping when I decided to sneek out and go for a swim. By the time I came back, they both were awake and this saved us a lot of time. In fact later I came to know that they had been watching me from the room.
We had plans of going to the Amer Fort. But we had to leave for Delhi before dusk. So we decided to ditch the fort and go to the Jal Mahal only. I had been in Jaipur with my parents when I was a kid; and I remembered having loved Jal Mahal very much.
Jal Mahal, as the name suggests, is a palace situated in the middle of Man Sagar Lake. It was renovated in the 18 th century by Maharaja Jai Singh II. The Palace can be reached by boats but we were too short on time to do that. 

Just like every touristy place, this spot too was flocked by photographers. My husband has a knack of getting clicked in traditional wear. I on the other hand, stay away from rented clothes. Also our daughter had fallen asleep and she was on my lap. How could I possibly put her down and get dressed and have pictures taken? However I had to yield to the wishes of my partner and persistence of the photographer.
 I handed over my sleeping baby to a small boy, the assistant of the photographer. I quickly put on the ghaghra and dupatta and stuff and bloated like a balloon!
My husband on the other hand was looking very nice. We quickly got our pictures clicked and got the best out of those printed. I changed back to my normal self and took my precious back in my arms.

I myself did not know that I could look this fat!!

My sleeping baby and the Man Sagar Lake in the background.

Finally a family photo in front of the Hawa Mahal..

How can travelling be complete without shopping? And when its fashion footwear, there is no stopping! Are there enough shoes for women in this world? I guess no! I shopped to my heart's content. I bought for both my moms, my friends and myself. What I did not know is that these fashion shoes would never make it home. Actually my shopping bag was kept separately in our cab. While getting off we forgot to pick up that particular bag. It was very late at night and we were exhausted. As soon as I remembered, we called up the driver. Too bad he denied having anything left in the car. Dishonest him :(

Later I started looking for women's shoes online to compensate my loss. Here are a few which I picked up.

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  1. You take the coolest adventure what an experience beautiful pictures

  2. That architecture is simply amazing :)

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  4. These photos are beautiful!! Looks like such a magical place :) The architecture is so incredible! Hope you had an amazing trip <3

    XO, Jessi

  5. You don't look fat, normally we all have some bad opinion of ourselves 😊

    For me, the time is always less at any place...I have to be dragged often to the car (by my wife).

    Wonderful coverage of whatever little you saw!