The last vacation of 2015

by - 12/30/2015

2015 is almost over. Happy New year loves! So how was 2015 for you? Mine was a real roller coaster. My daughter turned one, I travelled to one of my dream destinations, completed seven months at work (the longest tenure till date) and my blog reached a new level. Its not that I did not have any share of troubles; I had many but I deliberately keep all my troubles away from my blog. Well the best part of this year have been some amazing vacations. We took holidaying to a new level by staying at an apartment in Turkey. Having said that it did not mean I don't love luxurious stays. The year ended with an awesome note with a short trip to the Pink city. 

It was our first trip with our daughter and we stayed at the beautiful Lalit Hotel. This trip was in the mid of December. However The month ended with the husband going to a forbidden country in the middle East (name with held for safety purpose) which stressed our entire family. He returned safely yesterday and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

Trips usually mean less of relaxing and more of a gruelling adventure for us. But this time we decided to make it relaxing. We both had been to jaipur before and with our daughter travelling, we could not afford to make it tiring. So after we checked in to the luxurious property, we swam, ate and lounged around. I can easily say that this trip was the first 'relaxing' vacation of my life!

No one can stop me from getting into the pool even if its a freezing morning of mid December!
Lalit jaipur
Gorgeous view from our room

Baby elated on seeing the pool...she would continuously stare at it and utter "Pani...Pani"!!
greeted with a beautifully made room!

All set to hit the pool on a chilly December morning!

This is a real vacation!!

Mother Daughter fooling around

sumptuous Food
The plethora of food we ordered: Hariyali Pomfret (my favourite), Sea green drink, Veg platter for hubs, a plate full of sweetmeats and Papri Chaat.

24 7 Restaurant
One of the best pomfret preparations I have had in my life!!

The Lalit hotel Jaipur
The hotel decked up beautifully for the holidays...

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  1. Hey beauty this is an amazing place you and your family went to I wish you all a blessing NEW YEAR

  2. Gosh..the place looks straight of a dream...n u look ravishing.
    Are exotic vacations a secret to your glowing skin??? ;)


  3. Looks like you had a lovely time !