Bhagore Ki Haveli

by - 12/18/2015

Lake pichola in backdrop

It was our second excursion of Udaipur after Sajjangarh. After coming downhill through the winding roads of the Aravalli hills, we reached the banks of Lake Pichola.

Grabbing some quick bites
Bhagore ki Haveli is a huge mansion located at the gangor Ghat of lake Pichola. It has over a hundred rooms which has now been converted into a museum. The rooms display costumes, weapons and art. The prime minister of Mewar had built this Haveli in the mid eighteenth century.

At present there are 138 rooms with numerous corridors and balconies, courtyards and terraces. Most of them have been restored and few of the rooms open to the public. Unique items of the Rajput clan are put on dispaly here. I was not much interested in going inside every nook of this palatial mansion. I was happy seeing the Gangor ghat in the front. We took some pictures outside the palace, romped around on the banks of the lake and then left for our next stop.

Lake Pichola

Lake Pichola
On the banks of Gangor Ghat

Ghat of Gangor
Bank of lake Pichola

We were destined to come back in the evening to watch some heritage performances..something which all the people had been raving about. And no we did not regret a moment when we watched the show in the evening. The whole haveli lit up and it was a very pretty sight. 

The haveli beautifully lit up

Perks of being an early bird...we got to sit at the front...

The name of the cultural show was Dharohar Show. It was really nominally priced..given the fact it was packed with stellar performances. The various song and dance routine were from different parts of Rajasthan and each one of them was spectacular.
Riot of colours...

Stellar performances by young girls...
 The star of the show was an elderly lady. She looked as if she was the choreographer and the guide of the other performers. The toughest part of the show was left to her and she did an incredible job balancing a pillar of vessels on her head and tapping feet simultaneously.
The star of the show...
Stripe Dress: Globus
Sweater Dress: Promod
Jacket: Forever 21
Purse: Prada

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  1. That's a lovely Haveli, I'll be sure to visit the next time. You look lovely girl.

    xoxo - Style.. A Pastiche -

  2. Lovely specially love your amazing clothes xoxo

  3. Havelis and royal lifestyles have always fascinated me.
    I love this post, u have captured the essence and vibrancy of our traditional lifestyle very well.