A Date with nature

by - 12/07/2015

Medimix Soap
The daughter of nature with Medimix..


I have been natures' child right from my childhood. Plant and flowers have always been my best friends. Maybe that's why green is my favourite colour! Over the years I have embraced green not only on the physical dimension but also in the living sphere. I grow plants, try to protect nature and use natural products as much as possible. That is why when I received this Medimix Natural Glycerine Soap, I was eager to try it out!

In the lap of nature...

As the harsh Delhi winters are just at our doorstep, I had been looking for adequate hydration for my skin. Bathtime during winters should be a luxury, not chore. I try to avoid artificially perfumed lotions and skin washes. Its no surprise that being a skin doctor I gravitate towards natural oils.  I found out that Medimix soap contains the finest grade of vegetable glycerine and Lakshadi Oil. Glycerine already plays wonders to skin and I was determined to know more about Lakshadi Oil.

Lakshadi Oil is an age old Ayurvedic herbal oil which is used for Abhyanga (massage) in fever and bodyache. Made of coconut or sesame oil base, it contains haridra (turmeric), laskhad (lacca) and manjishtha (Indian Madder). For the botanically challenged, it is loaded with natural goodness in a nutshell.

I was excited to try this awesome formulation and was more than happy!

Ayurvedic soap

Firstly its translucent green colour made me fall in love with at the first sight. (green is my favorite color..remember?)
Secondly I love the fresh fragrance.
Third but not the least, it leaves my skin soft and supple after bath. Goodbye dry skin in winters!

Everytime I use it on my skin I feel I am on a date with nature!

It is reasonably priced at Rs 45 for a bar of 125 grams.

So embrace #MedimixNaturalGlycerine Soap and go out on a date with nature!

date with nature
I am obsessed with green...be it grass,soap, dress or balloons!!

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