Goodbye paradise!!

by - 12/02/2015

Our wonderful trip had finally come to an end. Our flight was at six in the evening which meant reaching the airport at four and hence leaving our place at half past two to the max. We were staying about 50 kms from the airport and risk could not be taken of leaving late. As much as I wanted to stay here, I wanted to go back home and squeeze my daughter. She had been with my parents since all these days and had literally drove them crazy!!

Our checkout time was at 10 in the morning. We packed everything and kept our luggage in the cloak room and proceeded towards Calangute market. I haven't had time to shop since day one and today was it. Grabbing few knick knacks here and there does not count!! There were few important things on my bucket list: cashew nuts for family ( Goa is a cashew paradise), souvenir tees for my nephews and of course beach wear for myself!! After all I have to stock for my coming tropical vacations!! 

It was time to say goodbye!

Shopping is really a tedious process especially when it involves shop hopping and haggling. In fact shop hopping is hubby's nature; I prefer to buy without consulting nearby places! In between I took a few useless things too ( who does not :p)

Goa beach
Shopping takes a new definition when its on the beachside!! I shopped till I literally dropped!!
After that we swam in the Calangute beach. It was half past twelve and the sun was fierce. But who cares, we were already burnt and this was our last beach of this year. After dragging ourselves reluctantly from the sea, we proceeded towards lunch.

go goa gone
The promenade of Calangute beach...

My lunch consisted of authentic Goan cuisine.. Prawns Balchao and fried rice. Konkan or Goan cuisine has vinegar in most of its items giving it a sharp sour flavour. Prawn Balchao is Prawn pickle and it was sour and tangy. My mouth is watering as I am writing this. Vegetarian hubby settled for his kadai paneer as always.
Goan cuisine
I wasted precious time in gorging these prawns... Sour and tangy gravy...mmmmmm

Go Goa
Kadai paneer ( cottage cheese) for hubby..his eternal favourite...

Last minute shot of us in our hotel balcony...

Calangute countryside

The beautiful Boutique reasort...Casa de Goa

calangute beach
I have a thing with fences..They look so cute!! Dont they?

Our cab was waiting at our hotel to take us to the airport. We were a bit late; and started walking hurriedly from the place where we had lunch. I was really happy ; in fact I must have been in a trance as I did not notice a pothole on the road. I was wearing heels and my ankle got twisted and I fell. Gosh! I could not get up and winced in pain. My orthopedician hubby suspected serious ligament injury. We could not lose more time; I kept on sitting on the road and asked him to get the cab here.

I still could not walk when we reached the airport. Unfortunately, I had to get a wheelchair. I was so much in pain and shock that I could not think of anything else. The Dabolim airport was aesthetically decorated because of the ongoing International Film festival but I could not take pictures. What a terrible ending to this terrific trip :(
Indigo airlines
A terrible conclusion to our wonderful trip!! me in wheelchair!! Oh damn you twisted ankle!! Don't know when the hubs took this..I was too much in pain!!

Maxi dress: Westside
Belt, Accessories: Globus
Sunnies: Aldo

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  1. This place looks wonderful!


  2. You look fabulous in red!

  3. It looks like it was absolutely amazing and you look great, it's always sad when it comes to an end.

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  4. Oh, wish you had ended on a high with what looks like a trememdous trip.
    Anyway, hope you are better now.