Morjim Beach

by - 6/17/2015

Last time when I visited Goa with my parents, I had tried almost every crazy sea food on the menu but could not try Red Snapper. The ones which were available were too large for single consumption and my ( less adventurous with food) mother refused to share it with me! So this time, red snapper was on the top of my eating list. Since I had landed here, I had been devouring everything except red snapper. The reason being it too big!! Not for a single person. So that day I decided to try it no matter what. We had a speedy lunch courtesy the scare at Lamgao caves here and then a fall before Anjuna Flea market here. Now that four of our destinations of the day were covered and it was just five in the evening, we could relax at Morjim beach. I ought to have red snapper here. Morjim beach is also known as Turtle Beach as sea turtles are found here.

We had come a really long way from Calangute. I wanted to start our journey back before it became too dark. There were no street lights and the roads were deserted and flanked by forests. But as usual, we were late.

Don't get deceived...these impressions are rock hard!!

fooling around...

fooling around...

gobbling up the setting sun!!

When we reached Morjim beach the sun was on its way down. Late sunrise early sunsets; I hate these kind of days!! After we played on the beach and photoshoot, it was quarter to six. By the time we started swimming, the lifeguards blew their whistles. We came out, waited for them to disappear and then again jumped into the sea! Sweet are the effects of breaking rules!

A mauritian guy in Morjim beach..ha ha..I really love this tee shirt!!

It was dark when we realised we were getting late. We ran to the nearest beach shack and ordered my long awaited red snapper. The waiter suggested me not to go for it. It was 1.2 kilos and quite expensive and not meant for a single person. Still I ordered. Poor hubs settled for fries and salad. When the ordered arrived, I was shocked. It was actually huge!! It was longer than my forearm! How could I possibly finish it? Anyways like any other Bengali would do, I started. As I ate piece by piece, hubby stared in dismay. According to him how could one possibly eat everything..that is head and tail?When I finished it, he showed me his watch. I had taken exactly one hour to finish its every bit and now we were terribly late. We quickly paid and ran towards the parking.

This picture does not do justice to the size of this red was 1.2 kgs and measured about a forearm!!

me gorging on red snapper and hubby a dumbfounded spectator!!

Most of the path was along with the river on one side and jungles on the other. It was freezing as we zoomed! Every other biker had worn warm clothes with hoods and we were the only fools to be riding in beachwear! We took a break midway to get Sprite and stopped in front a a cute restaurant called pink chilis. This pretty place made us take a quick few snaps.

driving a pink autorickshaw!! an overdose of pink!!
So probably you would have guessed the restaurant's name by now..its pink chilli :D

It took almost one and a half hour to reach our hotel. Our limbs were numb from the cold breeze. After a quick hot shower, I was again ready for pub hopping in Baga! A true traveler neither stops nor gets tired!!

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  1. Look like you both enjoy yourself very much lovely pictures.

  2. What fun photos! Beautiful beach.

  3. Holy moly Mandira! I can't believe you eat the whole red snapper haha. I would have watched you in awe too. Hahaha 1.2 kilos that is a huge fish. Sorry you guys were cold during your ride but you looked drop-dead gorgeous. Happy Thuesday pretty!


  4. Cool place and I am totally in love with the beach pics!

  5. oh this place looks fantastic!♥ l'm so jealous!:) I really miss the sun, it's been raining a lot in Prague these days.

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