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by - 6/10/2015

When a child is born, a mother is also born! Because before the birth of the baby, the woman was not a mother! So that way, I am a fourteen month old mom! Yes its fourteen months already! Time flies! She is my #FirstLove!

As a mom (that too a doctor mama) I am constantly striving to find out what's best for my baby. Inspite of my best efforts, there are times when I fail miserably. Sometimes its because of my overworked self while at other times out of sheer laziness. Believe me its darn difficult being a mother! 

There are a few things that can not be compromised upon. The first is of course food and the second is the bath routine. Since time immemorial, too much importance has been given on the pre bath routine. Our grandmothers have sworn by oil massage as the most important pre bath application. Its no surprise that this tradition is continuing even today!

My doll was underweight when she was born. That means she had tinier limbs than the normal tiny bodyparts! But the 'tininess' did not deter her grandma from massaging her daily. I remember her wriggling body lying helpless on my mom's lap while my mom rubbed her tiny buttocks and limbs.

 Its said that massaging daily with vitamin enriched oil helps strengthen bones and ligaments. Its true..(ask my bone specialist husband ) :D So even before she started looking like a normal human or could hold her neck, she got her spa treatment. What used to amuse all of us that even though she was a big cry baby back then; she never used to wail during massage. That meant she actually used to enjoy it!

I have always looked out for olive oil for her. My mom had used it upon me during my infanthood and I was carrying it forward. Normally associated with the Mediterranean region, its widely available in our country now. Olive oil has been used for skin care since the Egyptians and Greeks ruled the world. As far as infant skin care goes, it prevents infant dermatitis. Grandmas are always wise, aren't they?

Its massage time for mamma and baby!
For me, oil massage for my baby is a quality bonding time with her. I tickle, play and make her laugh. Its the best time to cuddle with her. It is something I look forward to everyday!

Recently I received three bottles of Dabur baby massage oil with olive and almonds. The main two constituents really enticed me. I was already using olive oil on her. Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E and D and hence even better for her skin! So the combination of olive and almonds makes it a super oil! 

The packaging is as cute as her toys!
I started using it on her and was not at all disappointed. Dabur never fails me and this oil is really awesome! No artificial colour or perfume. Its dermatologically tested and is brimming with wholesome goodness!

My doll playing with her bottle of oil...

Work done....Time for fun!

‘I am writing about Dabur Baby Massage Oil with the goodness of olive and almond for the #FirstLove activity atBlogAdda.’ 

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  1. So cute!


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  2. I can tell that babygirl is really well loved :)

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  3. So adorable... :-) and she did enjoy the massage and the oil... :-)

  4. She is so cute ...

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