My Hair Lady II

by - 6/25/2015

My hair after the Nioxin Treatment....
Slowly and steadily I am venturing into beauty blogging! So its been about twenty days that I had undergone the Nioxin Treatment. We had been given Nioxin kits to try at home for twenty days and then blog about our experience. I had been given Kit no 2 which is for visible thinning for fine hair. Well its time to let the cat out of the bag. I have some pretty amazing revelation about my hair as well as about the product.

Nioxin kit no 2

I was supposed to use them for twenty days continuously. But let me get honest. I don't wash my hair daily. In fact, I can't! I have a bundle of curly hair which is quite long; to top it off my mornings are crazy busy with seven days working! I can barely manage to wash them twice a week. So I could use Nioxin products only for around eight times.

The kit has three products: cleanser shampoo, scalp revitaliser and scalp and hair treatment.

The cleanser is a normal shampoo. While the scalp revitaliser is the only conditioner that is for the scalp! The hair and scalp treatment is a kind of leave in conditioner. All the products contain exotic herbs and are infused with peppermint that leaves me with a cool mint sensation.

What I loved about the products that apart from solving my scalp problems, they absolutely refreshed my hair!

Applying the cleanser shampoo on wet hair!
The cleanser had to be applied for two minutes on your hair and scalp. After rinsing your hair, apply the scalp revitaliser. Take the required quanity in your palms and massage your scalp gently with your fingers. The fact that the product is working is the cool mint sensation on your scalp. I don't know whether it was the previous dermabrasion treatment or the overall effect, dandruff absolutely vanished from my scalp!

The only conditioner that is for the scalp! Gently massage your scalp with the revitaliser.
After keeping it on for about five minutes, rinse your hair completely. Towel dry your hair and take out the scalp and hair treatment. The product is in the form of foam and comes in a spray bottle. The unique part is that it contains sunscreen with SPF 15. As Nioxin believes in the skincare approach to hair, sun protection is also important for our tresses!

After towel drying, apply the scalp and hair treatment. It comes in the form of foam and is very easy to apply.
Applying the foam into my hair. It is like a leave in conditioner which has SPF 15 in it!
The overall effect was pretty satisfactory. I don't know whether my hair is visibly thicker or not; its too early to comment on that. But what I felt was that my scalp became squeaky clean. No dandruff, no flakes. I also felt reduction in hairfall. 
The kit is quite expensive as it is 2400 INR for the three products. But I feel that its really worth the moolah!

Nioxin products sitting pretty with the other toiletries

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  1. wow....useful tips for me because I'm not so able to do make up! :) you're so precious!
    Lovely Read!
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  2. The products sound amazing great tutorial.

  3. the result is amazing, beautiful hair, I would like to try this products!

  4. wow, great products!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  5. Complimenti...hai dei capelli bellissimi :-)
    questi prodotti sono davvero utili

    Alessia Milanese

  6. Your hair looks sooooooo gorgeous!!! Very beautiful!


  7. Hair goals<3 love your hair such a lovely post:)
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  8. Your hair looks quite beautiful in the 1st pic.

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